10 Tips How To Sleep Better

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Sleep is an important mechanism in humans. During this state, various involuntary activities take place in the body like building up of immunity system, muscular system etc. The duration of sleep differs in children and adult. An adult requires 7 to 8 hours of sleep everyday to maintain a healthy body. Below are mentioned 10 tips to sleep better:

#1. Regular sleep time : 

Going to bed at the same time everyday would set-up a routine and thus enabling people to have better sleep pattern. Waking up at the same time is necessary to avoid over sleeping, which is equally harmful as sleep deprivation. Taking naps to cover up for lost sleep is advised to avoid drowsiness and fatigue.

#2. Calcium and Magnesium supplements : 

Both these elements are known to be effective in wading off sleeplessness issues in people. Magnesium along with calcium is potent and should be taken in lower dosages as advised by the physicians. It has several other benefits like preventing heart diseases etc.

#3. Therapy for sleeplessness : 

Insomnia is a serious condition that affects both physical and mental ability of the patients and thus causing havoc to the system. Counseling sessions and cognitive therapy is advised to patients to overcome their specific condition. Patients would have to undergo several sessions before they can be cured of the ailment.

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#4. Bubble bath for relaxation : 

bubble bathSome people have trouble sleeping on certain days due to increased stress levels or some unknown reason. A soothing and relaxing bath in warm water would be the perfect remedy in such cases. Adding bathing oils and bubbles can add extra punch to the relaxing experience. The warm water would help increase body temperature and a normal decrease would trigger the brain to prepare for sleep.

#5. Exercise and yoga for quality sleep

Yoga and regular exercise is good for the health and to get better quality of sleep. Working out regularly is relaxing for the mind and body thus promoting healthy sleep habits in people. Proper training is required before practicing yoga to avoid unwanted results.

#6. Drinking warm milk for sleep : 

Milk has several health benefits out of which its sleep inducing property has been known since ages. Though research has not indicated presence of any specific element that induces sleep, the method has been effective in many cases. A glass of warm milk is relaxing at night before going to bed.

#7. Cutting on alcohol intake : 

Alcohol has properties that induce drowsiness and lethargy in people when taken in large quantities. Drinking alcohol is a habit in many individuals before going to sleep this cause negative effects on the sleep pattern since alcohol might interrupt with the rapid eye movement. Limiting the intake has shown positive results in patients.

#8. Reading can help in relaxing : 

Reading books has several benefits out of which relaxation is one of them. Books that aren’t interesting can help a great deal in putting people off to sleep.

#9. Eating habits : 

Eating habits play an important part in the way people sleep. Having lighter meals at night can help in getting quality sleep and in maintaining good physical condition. Any drink containing nicotine has to be avoided before going to sleep to avoid disruption.

#10. Dietary supplements : 

This is the age of supplements and people have been using them for several conditions. Doctors prescribe dosages of supplements to people suffering from insomnia depending on their condition. Herbal and non-herbal products are available for usage.