10 Tips to Speed up Windows 7


WinSometimes due to browsing some harmful sites, that leads to decrease in the speed of windows 7. The performance of window is also slow down. If you want to install any program to your operating system, it creates many difficulties and wastes a lot of your time. To overcome this there are many tricks available on internet. Below mentioned are the top 10 tips to speed up windows 7.

#1. Upgrade Hard drive :

Upgrading hard drive is the best way to increase the performance of your window7. Hard drives are classic chokepoints, and they definitely decelerate computers. Sometimes due to less space in hard disk led to decrease the window speed and its performance.

#2. Check your memory

The memory of your computer system is also responsible for speed of your window. You can check your memory by clicking on the memory settings. ReadyBoost can speed up your computer by utilizing storage space on USB flash drives and flash memory cards.  ReadyBoost also offers you the option to speed up your compute.

 #3. Ensure that power settings :

This is the best way to increase the speed of your computer. Its power program is used to favor performance over power savings. It genuinely depends on the variety of work you are doing and how frequently you allow the computer to sit idle. You can do this by using advanced options in your computer.

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#4. Disable Aero Experience :

It is the user interface that is an ingenuity snaffle that brings some bling to the screen for user entreaty. If you want to disable the aero experience right-click on the desktop and click on Personalize then click the “Window Color and Appearance” link. Now you can adjust aero according to your choice.

#5. Disable Visual Effects :

To increase the speed of your computer this is better to disable the visual effects. Visual effects offer the decrease in the performance of computer. You can simply disable visual effects.to disable the visual effects go to control panel home >> click on the Advanced tab >>now click on the Settings. A dialog box will appear with default setting of Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer. You can adjust this option to increase the performance of your computer.

#6. Remove Unwanted Programs :

The performance of your computer is also depends upon how many programs you open with that program. If you are installing a stack of software the boot up process of your computer become slow down. You can disable these unwanted programs manually or use the free tool C-Cleaner.

#7. Perform Disk Cleanup :

It is the most useful method to speed up the performance of window 7. If your computer’s disk is full with the programs and you want to compress the files and folders to increase the space on disk and also speed up of your window performance. Then you can use disk cleanup software. Go to Start, Run and Type REGEDIT or regedit.exe. After this you can click on plus signs (+) on new dialog box and Right-click on the “Compress Old Files.

#8. Disable application software services :

The application services that you should analyze very intimately are all of the third-party services that slow down your window performance. This may be due to a lot of software installed in your computer system. You should remove unwanted application software that you don’t use.

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#9. Best Anti-Virus software :

Anti-virus is used to removes the malware from the computer system. There are many antivirus software are available in the markets. You can choose best antivirus for your windows to speed up your computer performance. Antivirus also shows notification for virus attack.

#10. Run Performance Troubleshooter :

Performance Troubleshooter automatically detects and fixates the window problems. The users that are presently logged on to the computer and multiple programs running at the same time can check by the Performance Troubleshooter to increase the speed of window.