10 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Beer


Beer, the most loved beverage of all time, has many benefits if someone consumes it on control proportion. Recently, it is found that beer can fight with the long term diseases and that’s not all. So below are the 10 benefits of beer. #1. Live long! A study by the US department of agriculture (USDA) shows that the moderate drinkers are rarely attacked by the most common diseases, diabetes and stroke. So this clearly increase the lifespan of a consumer. #2. Nutrition Wheat, hops and barley, these three components are used to make beer and none of them is harmful. In fact, a regular  bottle of beer can provide you with 92 mg of potassium, 48 mg of phosphorus and 14 mg of calcium. #3. Vitamins B6 Beer contains Large number of vitamins. Vitamin B6 is founded in the large quantity which helps our body to fight disease, control our blood sugar level, maintain normal nerve function.

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#4. Stress Booster Stress stays with us all the time. A glass of beer helps you to get rid of stress easily which then results in prevention of heart attack and other heart disease. #5. Cholesterol Fiber is one of three compound of total carbohydrates Beer is great source of fiber. It  helps our body to reduce ‘LDL’ cholesterol which is one of the most harmful cholesterol.7 #6. Kidney stones Beer is found to have large quantity of magnesium. This helps our body in prevention of kidney stones. If someone already have stone in their kidneys, beer can help us to get rid of them. #7. Confidence People usually feel less-confident before a speech or interview. A study by British researchers shows that consuming a glass of beer before a speech gives more confidence, make people good looking and funny.

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#8. Bone density A glass of beer contain enough amount of silicon which is known for increasing bone density. Regular consumption of beer helps to make bone stronger thereby preventing osteoporosis and fractures. #9. Cancer Beer contain antioxidants and flavoring called Xanthohumol. These play major role in preventing cancer. It also includes large quantity of poly-phenols obtained by wheat during fermentation #10. Hydration A researcher at Granada university asked few students to work out hard. Then he re-hydrated half of them with beer and rest with water. He found that students who drank beer were more re-hydrated than the students who drank water.