10 Unusual Things You Must Know About The Female Body

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A woman is said to be the most wonderful creation of God; or so they say!

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, there are some unusual things in the female body that even the women are not aware of. But you are not going to be ignorant to them anymore; here is a list of the top ten unusual things that you must know about the body of a female :

#1. There is a minor difference between the sizes of both the breasts – Most of the women are not aware of this, but one of their breasts is always larger than the other one. There’s no one with a balanced breast size.’

#2. Some of the women are born with two uterus – There is an existence of women with two uterus in their body. Unstable menstrual cycles and heavy bleeding during menstruation are the two main symptoms of the same.

#3. A woman’s brain is sharper than a man’s – This is something that the Science has proven – women have a sharper brain than the opposite gender.

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#4. Hymen does not make a woman virgin – Just because a woman has a hymen, does not mean that she is virgin. In fact, there are many other reasons (than an intercourse) due to which the hymen breaks.

#5. A woman’s brain listens from both the sides – Science says that a man’s brain listens from its left side only, but a woman’s brain listens from both the sides.

#6. The clitoris is used for sexual pleasures, only – There is only one thing for which a woman’s clitoris is used – sexual pleasures. There is absolutely no other purpose of this part of her body. There are no other functions of the same.

#7. Only the female body can experience multiple orgasms – Unlike men, women can enjoy multiple orgasms while having sex. However, this is not experienced by most of the women.

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#8. The uterus is elastic – When a woman is not pregnant, the size of her uterus is approximately 3 inches; on the other hand, when she is pregnant, the same uterus goes ultra-elastic and expands to the navel.

#9. G-Spot does exist – Even though a lot of people say that G-Spot in women is nothing, but a myth, it is certainly not. It does exist, but since most of the men are not aware about this sensitive spot in the female body, most of the women don’t enjoy sex as much as they should.

#10. Some women bleed twice a month – Although most of the women have a menstrual cycle of 28 days, there are others that bleed twice a month. No matter how many tests and checkups they go through, they are just not able to understand the logic behind their periods.

Now that you know about the female body, there’s one thing that can be understood – a woman’s body is far more complicated than a man’s; thus, they are bound to be far more stressed than the opposite gender.