10 Ways How To Convert Excel File To PDF

how to convert Except to PDF

There are various options available to convert the any documentary to PDF file. Let us discuss some of the important things which can easily used to change the format of the individual documents.

#1. Shortest Way To Convert The File From Excel To PDF

In order to make the process easier, you need to perform reliable excel to PDF converter for which you need to install one software called as iSkysoft PDF editor. This software help you to convert the file in various format from Excel, word, HTML etc.

#2. Conversion Of Excel To PDF By Making Use Of Word 2007

  • At first open the excel sheet which you are looking to convert to PDF.
  • Click on Office button which is situated at left top corner of the sheet.
  • You can see the option called as ”Save As” in the menu and then select “Adobe PDF”
  • Then finally click on “Publish” to complete the process.

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#3. Conversion Of Excel To PDF Using Word 2010

  • Open the Microsoft office excel and then browse the file which you are looking to convert.
  • Then click on the File” menu at the top left edge.

convert excel to PDF office 2010, excel to PDF

  • Then you can see the option called “Save As” in menu click on it.

Excel to PDF in MS office 2010

  • Then you can see the list after that select to option called “PDF or XPS” 

convert Excel to PDF in Office 2010

  • At the end click on Save” button.

#4. Transformation Of Excel To PDF Using Word 2013

Similar to above functionality continue the same process which you have performed in Word 2010 and save at the end of the procedure in order to convert the excel sheet to PDF format.

#5. Transformation Of Excel To PDF In MAC OS

This is one of the easiest formats to save the PDF in Mac operating system.

  • Open the excel sheet and then select the navigation “File” menu.
  • Then you can see the option called “Print”, click on it.
  • Then a new page will be opened. Select the “PDF” button at the bottom left of the page.
  • Then click on “Save as PDF”.

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#6. Transformation Of Excel To PDF Using Adobe Reader

  • First of all download and install the Adobe Reader software in local hard disk.
  • Then make sure to tick mark the “Adobe Printer” because this will help you to copy the excel document that you are looking to convert.
  • Then alter the format and Save it” as per the below steps
  • Click on start button and then “Setting” option
  • After that click on “Printers”.
  • After that right click on the “Adobe Printer” icon and set as Default Printer.

#7. Online Transformation Of Excel To PDF

PDF converter

You can try online PDF converter called Free PDF converter, click this link freepdfconvert.com.

  • After that click on the “Select File” button.


  • Then upload the excel sheet from the local drive.
  • After that it will ask for the email address, where you will get your converted file. Enter your email in “E-mail converted file to” box.


  • In next step “Convert to” choose PDF (pdf).


  • Last step is to start conversion, just click on “Convert” button and it will convert the file.


#8. Preview Conversion The Excel To PDF

  • Select the “File” button
  • Then click on the Print Option”.
  • After selecting the print option, now you just “Save it” as PDF file.

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#9. Conversion Using XLSX

This option is inbuilt in the Excel sheet to convert the file from Excel to PDF format.

#10. Conversion Using XSL

This one is similar to above one but it is in the format of primary binary type.