10 Ways to Remove Blackheads


Blackheads are just pimples. These are open pores clogged with dead skin and squeeze. Moreover, Mixture of unclean matter, dead skin cells and oil that accumulate and solidify inside the pores is known as blackheads. These annoying defects occur most often on and around the nose putting them dead center in the middle of the face where they are most noticeable. To avoid this, here are 10 ways to remove blackheads.

#1. Using Baking soda :

Baking soda is good natural home remedy for blackheads. It works as exfoliation and removes the blackheads clogging on your pores. It neutralizes your skin pH level that allows your skin to produce less oil and prevents blackheads. Make a fine paste by mixing baking soda with little amount of water. Apply this paste on your face .repeat this process once a week to s setter results over blackheads.

#2. Use Egg Whites :

To get rid from the blackheads, Egg treatment is one of the good home remedy. Take a cup and Break an egg white into it. You can use the knife to beat it until it turns out like white water. When this is done, take some of the ‘ white water ‘ onto your fingers and rub onto your face. Leave it for 10 – 15 minutes on your face. You’ll notice that when it dries out, a shell will begin to form on your face like a regular facial protective cover. Now you can rinse your face off with water. You will notice that there aren’t as many blackheads anymore.

#3. Salicylic Acid :

You can use a salicylic acid peel as a treatment for acne, blackheads, large pores and pimples as, it is helpful home remedy.it helps in get rid of dead skin and helps to balance oil production.it works by dissolves the fatty glue between cells, exfoliating skin and opening pores.

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#4. Lemon Juice :

Blackheads are black or yellow colored plugs that appear in unhealthy pores. Alpha Hydroxy Acid, found in lemon, is a key ingredient in most Blackheads medications. You can use lemon juice directly to the face. Mix half cup of lemon juice with egg whites and apply this mixture on your face. Leave it there for 10 minutes to dry out.

#5. Turmeric :

Blackheads are not like by teenagers and adults. Herbal products are more useful home remedy for blackheads. Mix 4 tablespoon of turmeric powder with 1 tablespoon milk and add 4 tablespoons raw honey. Make a paste and apply this pate on your face and see the results.

#6. Bentonite clay :

A pure Calcium Bentonite Clay is the best option for removing the blackheads. It helps in clean and open out the pores. It acts as an excellent exfoliates and removes excess sebum from the skin.it also helps in increasing the blood circulation to the skin, which aids in the healing process.

#7. Cinnamon Strips :

To make skin look smooth and healthy as well as glowing Cinnamon is used as natural home remedy. It is a natural healer that will help in improving the blood circulation. You can also use mixture of honey and cinnamon for better results. They are equally good for your skin and will work efficaciously in giving you the solution to blackhead problems.

#8. Steam :

Steam is the best and helpful for the treatment of blackheads.  You can Use two wet terry-cloth face towels to steam your face. Dip the towel into warm water. Squeeze this towel as much as you can. Cover the face with it, leaving the lips and the nostrils open to allow for breathing.by doing this remedy helps you to remove blackheads.

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#9. Green Tea :

Green tea contain high amount of antioxidants.it helps to reduces oils and inflammation on the skin. When black clogged pores covering your face it is the best treatment to remove this. By rubbing the chill tea on your skin helps in moisturizing the skin.

#10. By Sweating :

Sweating has the helpful effect on the skin. The person who, sweat more has less quantity of blackheads then the person who sweat less. Make sure you must go to exercise daily to remove blackheads.