10 Ways To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes


Dark circles around the eyes is the normal problem. This problem occurs due to various reasons. The main reasons are improper sleep, allergies and many other dietary bad habits. These dark circles doesn’t looks good on face that decrease your confidence. To overcome this problem, There are various treatment which are available but most of them are very expensive. Below mentioned are Top 10 tips to remove dark circle under eyes Naturally.

#1. Rose water :

Rose water is the most popular and best remedy to treat the dark circle under eyes. You just take few things to apply this on your face. Take a cotton cloth and soak it into rose water and apply to affected area for better results.

#2. Orange lentils flour :

Dark circles under eyes is a common beauty problem. These under eye dark circles give us an appearance of tiredness or illness. Use Orange Lentils flour paste are legumes along with other types of beans. They grow in pods that contain either one or two lentil seeds that are round.

#3. Sleep on your back :

The skin under and around the eyes is the most delicate skin on the body. To reduce puffiness and darkness under your eyes, sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated. This posture allows fluids to drain from your face.

#4. Tomato paste :

Tomato paste is one of the most useful tips for dark circles. You can make it easily at home. Take one or two fresh tomatoes, one tablespoon of lemon juice and a pinch of gram flour and turmeric powder.

#5. Always Remove all eye make-up :

Most of the modern girls are used various kind of Make-up. This make up contains many chemicals. These are very harmful for our skin. It is advised to take off your make-up before sleeping to reduce the dark circles under eyes.

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#6. Daily exercise :

The exercise will ease the stress and tension and will relax your eyes. This exercise stretches your muscles and reduces your aged skin. You can do much exercise repeatedly.

#7. Reduce stress :

Now days, Stress is the common problem in peoples. This is due to the bad living of life or busy life. Peoples are only concentrating on your work rather without notice their health. This cause tiredness and lead to dark circles.

#8. Crushed mint leaves :

Crushing mint is the best way to release its flavor for cocktails like mint juleps or to make a homemade mint jelly or sauce.it is very popular used to remove the dark circles under eyes.

#9. Stay hydrated :

Drinking water keeps your skin moist, supple, and elastic thus lessening your risk of developing dry issues like dermatitis, aging skin, and infection. Drink more water to overcome dark circles under eyes.

#10. Protect your face and Eyes from the sun :

Photo-aging is caused by lifetime sun exposure that cause dark circles around your eyes. Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most important things you can do to keep your skin looking younger, longer.