10 Ways To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally


Stretch marks can be that ugly thing which you want to take away from your memories of pregnancy. They can also come as an after effect of exercising and weight loss but the good news is that there are natural remedies to keep those marks away from you.

#1. Aloevera :

Aloevera is a natural treatment for skin related remedies. Applying the gel peal out of the plant can be applied directly over the affected area and it can turn to be a proper remedy for stretch marks. There are processed products of aloevera too available in the market.

#2. Lemon juice :

The citrus that is present in the lemon and the bleaching agent in lemon can help suppress those marks and give you a clearer skin. The juice of lemon is good for skin and scalp related issues. It is a great remedy for stretch marks.

#3. Essential oils :

Essential oils are available in the market and using them on the effected surface of the skin can be a natural reliever too. The process is simple and if you are able to do it on a regular basis religiously then this can help.

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#4. Egg whites :

Using egg whites directly over the surface of the affected area can give a great relief to your skin. There can be irritants too along with these stretch marks and all that can be cured with this therapy. Apply and allow drying and then rinse off with water.

#5. Drink plenty of water :

Drinking more water is the best way to treat any kind of skin problems that you are facing. They not only purify the inner parts of your body, they also protect the outer layers of your body. Drink plenty of water and see the difference.

#6. Alfafa :

Using alfafa powder on stretch marks can give you a better skin over stretch marks. The sprouts of this are known to be used in weight loss plans. There are various other benefits that this plant provides and one among them is as a remedy for stretch marks.

#7. Sugar :

Sugar is considered to be white poison when it comes to consumption but there are other benefits with the external usage of sugar. Apply sugar mixed with almond oil and lemon juice and external application of this on the stretch marks can be one of the best remedies to get rid of stretch marks.

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#8. Castor oil :

Applying castor oil is the best source to work well with stretch marks and to remove them. There are so many beauty treatments related to skin and hair is done with castor oil and one among them is to treat stretch marks with it.

#9. Olive oil :

Usage of olive oil in preparation of food can keep your weight away from you and external application could keep those stretch marks that weight loss brings in you away from you. It is best when used warm on the affected area.

#10. Tea decoction :

Using tea decoction over the stretch marks and giving a gentle massage that lasts for 10 minutes can be the best way to treat stretch marks after pregnancy. This is a therapy that is used to remove stretch marks for years now and is found effective.