Top 10 Best Apple Iphone SE Features

Iphone SE features
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Apple recently introduced its least expensive product in form of IPhone SE. Be it Indian customer or the ones in sub-continent every one of them is excited about the launch of new and amazing product. A lot of speculations were being made from last few months but what has been introduced in form of iPhone SE is not just impressive but heart-warming.

Millions of people who were the fan of what Steve Jobs and Wozniak did together at Apple Inc. will now be able to experience without paying a lot of money. The least expensive phone from the Apple is not just a new phone but also a gift for millions. The latest product will also benefit the enterprise by helping it discover a new base of loyal customers.

Here we bring to you top 10 iPhone SE features; we hope this post helps you decide better. The features like always helps this phone rank better than the other contemporaries:

apple Iphone se features

#1. Powerful A9 Processor:

A smart chip processor that powers the flagship products of Apple Inc. is all set to empower the dreams of young India. Passionate youth will be able to undertake their dreams with more power in lesser price.

#2. Live Photos:

Yes! The latest features like Live Photos are available in the new iPhone SE. People can now enjoy access to the top features in the least expensive Apple product.

#3. The easy on pocket USP:

Almost every smart-phone user has craved to experience the mighty iOS but the highly priced phones have always succumbed them to go with the contemporaries. iPhone SE is here to break the monotony. With the latest iPhone people can live their fetish of experiencing iOS without putting a hole in their pockets.

Iphone SE features

#4. 12 MP Rare Camera:

People have always preferred Apple for the classic real time picture it produces. Contemporaries like Samsung and Motorola have been trying to beat Apple with improve camera quality but with the latest iPhone SE possessing 12 MP rare camera, the contemporaries can only dream of. The dual-LED two-tone flash will also empower impressive pictures clicked under low light.

#5. Supports Apple Pay:

The latest and the cheapest iPhone support the most ambitious features like Apple Pay. Now iPhone SE users can utilize inbuilt NFC chip for managing payments with Apple pay.

#6. No more chances of going obsolete:

Yes! IPhone users have always complained how their OS turned obsolete and they were coaxed into buying new phones for better experience. Obsolete is now a thing of past for loyal Apple fans; the new iPhone SE will receive at least three iOS updates. The iPhone SE already comes with preloaded ios 9.3.

#7. Siri responds to your voice:

Feeling lazy? No worries now Siri will respond to your Hey Siri and help you manage your emails really well.

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#8. Retina ‘Beautiful’ Display:

Yes! Now you can experience the quality MacBook experience on your iPhone SE.

#9. The Health App:

The new health app allows iPhone SE users to manage their health really well. Managing health gets cheaper with iPhone SE.

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#10. The Kaleidoscopic Phone:

Apple seems to break a lot of stereotype with the new phone. Yes! Now people can literally own an iPhone that is Pink in color. The Rose Gold Color allows people to carry an iPhone that is not just efficient but stylish as well.