10 Facts To Know About Donald Trump

donald trump facts

Donald Trump for sure has taken the world by storm. His awkward statements and the blatant expression regarding a special creed of people have put him under limelight. Donald Trump is enjoying access to the best of negative popularity but in the contemporary world negative popularity is actually a good thing.

Donald Trump is bound to emerge as the one of the most searched personalities on Google for 2016.

Here we bring to you 10 Interesting facts about Donald Trump that are actually weird and bizarre.

#1. Donald Trump is non-alcoholic :

Yes! He owns a brand of Vodka but he never drinks. He named his Vodka as “Success Distilled” when launched in 2006. He also never smokes or does drugs. Reports have suggested that his elder brother was an alcoholic, which inspired him never to indulge into any such things.

#2. Trump: The Game.

Donald Trump is the only Presidential Candidate in American History to have a Board game on his Name. The board game is titled Trump: The Game. The game was launched in 1989 and was discontinued after falling sales.

#3. Went To Military Academy :

Trump was sent to New York Military Academy at the age of 13. His parents wanted to instill some discipline in his life. He later graduated from Wharton School.

#4. Trump was one of the most frivolous members of the Birther movement, which demanded the investigation of the Birthplace of the current American President Barack Obama.

#5. Trump is known for his huge wealth. He probably is the richest even when all the previous American Presidents are clubbed together.

#6. Being rich and having huge wealth has not stopped Trump for filling Bankruptcy appeals at 4 distinct occasions in his life. The history of losing money is not that great but worth noticing.

#7. Trump has a distinct hairstyle. When he wakes up he has a different one than what we see on the televisions and in tabloids. He makes use of Hair Drier for setting up the concurrent hairstyle.

#8. “All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me—consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.” Yes! Once upon a time it was written for Donald Trump, the blatant simplification of the statement tells us that Donald Trump was a rage in his young age.

#9. Handshaking? :

Donald Trump has a distinct fear of shaking hands, he prefers pulling people closer into him when forced into a handshake.

#10. Trump has offered the current President Barack Obama with a lifetime free membership and access to his prestigious Golf Course all he wants in return is Obama’s resignation.

Donald Trump is surely sending feverous shocks down the spine; people of all race and creeds are scared of him. While a majority of the world wants him to fail there are few who are leveraging him with the staunch support and guess what Donald Trump is actually winning.