10 Facts You Don’t Know About The Movie The Conjuring 2

Conjuring 2 horror Movie

The Conjuring 2 (A horror movie) is running successfully worldwide. The movie has beaten local movies in countries like India by huge percentage. This scary flick has succumbed the sales of romantic and generic movies in many countries.

While people continue to talk about how scary the movie is, here we bring to you 10 facts about the movie no one ever told you about:

#1. There’s a different story in trailer and movie: Amazed, right? Yes! It is one of the most popular marketing gimmicks to show something in trailer and then surprise the audience by stirring the story in completely different direction. The only good thing is that the actual story is better than the one shown in trailer.

#2. The Conjuring 2 is highest earner in horror films: with the kind of hype they created, it was bound to break all records. The Conjuring 2 now has become the movie with highest earnings in the genre of horror movies. The movie broke several records on the box office worldwide.

#3. The trailer is more impressive than the movie: People are going to debate this for a long time but our experience says that the story in trailer is actually better than the story in movie, there’s more thrill and hell lot of suspense.

#4. James Wan cannot decide if he wants you to shriek, cry or shake your head: The movie was made with a motto to scare people but then there are types of fear you experience. The team was unable to decide what kind of thrill they wanted to serve people with hence they ended up providing you with a cocktail of all kinds of fear.

#5. A very popular write rewrote this movie: The popular writer of “The Walking Dead (2010)” was rolled in to rewrite the story of The Conjuring 2. We are sure that the writer has done a great job here.

#6. The story is not fresh: As we already told you that a popular writer was hired to rewrite the story for the movie, it makes it quite clear that the story was told before. Yes! The story of The Conjuring 2 was told before in a mini series named “The Enfield Haunting”.

#7. James Wan made a tough choice for the movie: Yes! James Wan made a huge sacrifice for this movie. He chooses The Conjuring 2 over Fast 8. He actually let that movie slip out of his hand just to scare people and earn more than any other horror film ever did in the history of mankind.

#8. The Conjuring 2 is better than The Conjuring: One look at the box office collection and ratings from varied newspaper agencies and TV critics and you will admit that yes! The Conjuring 2 is a better movie than The Conjuring. This move takes the pleasure of watching a horror movie to a completely new level.  

#9. The Movie is now a hot topic for Troll: Yes! Internet Trolls are going crazy about the movie. Millions of trolls are being made and shared widely on the social media. People from around the world are going crazy about this movie.

#10. A man actually died watching The Conjuring 2: Yes! A man in Andhra Pradesh (India) actually died while watching The Conjuring 2. He was a sixty-year-old man. He died of fear and anxiety.

The Conjuring 2 is going to haunt people for a really long time. Well, it is said that there are movies way scarier than The Conjuring 2 but then none of them have rose to such fame. Let’s forget everything and enjoy the movie for now.