10 Facts To Know About Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Facts Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is all over the Internet. After his Liberal Party won the elections with 54% votes in favor in October last year, Trudeau hasn’t stopped to look back. From his nice guy tactics to his smooth and charming demeanor, 43 years old Canadian Prime Minister has made everyone his fan.

Here are some interesting facts about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau :

#1. His father was a Prime Minister too.

Justin Trudeau, Pierre Trudeau
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Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada. He married Justin’s mother who was 30 years younger to him, while in office.

Richard Nixon once toasted to the infant Justin and called him the ‘future Prime Minister of Canada’ hence being the first to predict it.

#2. His mother partied at studio 54.

Trudeau’s mother Margaret Trudeau, who is a mental health advocate now used to frequent Studio 54 in NY and allegedly also date Ted Kennedy and Jack Nicholson.

#3. He got his father’s old desk back.

After moving in the office, the first thing that Trudeau did was having his father’s desk of 16 years of his tenure, reinstalled.

#4. He’s the second youngest Canadian Prime Minister.

Justin who was born on the Christmas day in 1971, became the assumed the office at the age of 43, making him the second youngest Prime Minister of the country after Joe Clark who adopted the post when he was only 39 years old in 1979.

#5. He took up many jobs before coming into politics.

Being the son of a Prime Minister gave Justin Trudeau the opportunity to pursue his many passions. According a biography about him, he has worked as white water rafting instructor, a bungee jumping coach, a camp counselor, a snowboarding instructor, a high school teacher, a bouncer and a radio host before stepping into politics.

#6. He boxed against a Senator for charity.

In 2012, Trudeau boxed the Senator Patrick Brazeau on live television. What started a match for charity turned into a parable political war. While Justin was elected the leader of the Liberal Party shorty after that, the conservative Senator he boxed was then defamed and also suspended from his position in the Senate.

#7. He once acted in a movie.
Justin Trudeau The Life of Talbot Papineau
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Before politics, Trudeau also tested his acting skills and starred in a historical movie, ‘The Life of Talbot Pappineau’ in 2006. In this TV-movie for CBC, he was in the lead role of a Canadian general by the same name as the title.

#8. He has an interesting sense of style.
Justin Trudeau facts
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Justin Trudeau could perhaps be the only leader with a tattoo. He got planet earth surrounded by a raven inked on his left arm. Moreover, he isn’t shy of experimenting with his facial hairstyle. He even released his election campaign poking fun at his own hairstyle!

#9. He is a pro dancer.

Justin Trudeau became an Internet sensation in 2003, following the surfacing of a video where he is shaking a leg on a Bollywood song.

#10. He’s a hopeless romantic.

According to his wife, Justin Trudeau told her at the end of their first date that he is 31 and was waiting for her for 31 years. Also, Trudeau is known to have called his wife ‘the hottest first lady’ publicly.

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