10 Interesting Facts To Know About Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton facts

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the former first lady, Senator and the Secretary of State is bidding for the Presidential Seat again! This time it is tougher and nastier. Like early this time the opponents are not chivalrous, well mannered or respected among masses. The presidential candidates this year is hateful, un-grateful and is men with venoms. The road to White House has never been tougher for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has been to the White House holding varied ranks and authority. She has ruled the white house and has also managed army and other dignitaries from the powerful control rooms.

Clinton is again in the race for the presidential seat, this time it looks difficult but there’s always a chance of winning for her.

Well it is only after elections that we will come to know whether she won or not but for now,

we can discuss 10 interesting facts about Hillary Clinton that makes her stand out of the crowd.

#1. Wanted to Be a BaseBall Player :

There have been times in her life when she wanted to be a baseball player, astronaut and a journalist. Politics was never on her mind but it was surely in her destiny.

#2. Methodist :

Hill Clinton and Bill Clinton come from different creed. Hillary is a Methodist while Bill is Southern Baptist.

#3. She has served as the First lady and apart of that she also has been the first ever First Lady to earn a postgraduate degree. Apart of the first two firsts she is also the first to be the elected to the National Office.

#4. Unfortunately Mr. and Mrs. Clinton are the only presidential candidates to be ever fingerprinted by the reputed FBI.

#5. Senator and First Lady :

The women in the History of America to serve as Senator and First Lady at the same time. She served both the ranks for 20 days.

#6. Been A Professor :

She has also been a professor, her stint at the University of Arkansas law Schools were glorious.

#7. Clinton also had her say in the management of reputed Wal-mart. She was a key decision maker.

#8. Clinton is the third only female Secretary of State in the entire US history. She was the 67th Secretary of State during the first term of president Barack Obama.

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#9. Won a Grammy?

Yes! This presidential candidate has also won a Grammy. Clinton won a Grammy for her Spoken Word Album in the year 1997. The album was named  “It Takes a Village”.

#10. Rumors : was Clinton a lesbian?

Rumors were spread that Clinton was a lesbian (HuffPost). The speculations were made based on her appearance and lack of interest towards dressing up while attending the most prestigious of events in the country. Her assertive style of communication and meeting people also signaled towards her lesbian characteristics.

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While the world is wishing for Clinton to win the insensitive opponents is busy making slay comments about her. Clinton has always been a strong woman, she has addressed her rivals with respect and have also thrashed them whenever necessary.