How To Enter Safe Mode in Windows 10


As the day progress the version in windows operating system has been keep on updating within the short period of time in yearly basis. If you have an experience in working with windows 8 and upgraded version then you may have noticed that previous method of safe mode usage like pressing f8 key or shift + f8 key in the keyboard will not work in it. In this current generation the process speed is getting faster and quicker.  Now the new method has been implemented to access the computer in safe mode. Let us discuss with the steps to enter into the safe mode in windows 10.

#1st Method

  • Getting into the Safe mode in windows 10 is very similar to the window 8 and 8.1.
  • Click On Start Menu
  • Open the “Run” window or use the shortcut key called windows + R.
  • Use the System Configuration tool called “msconfig.exe”.
  • Click on Ok.
  • The window will be pop up with “System Configuration”
  • Select The “Boot” Tab
  • Make Sure that Boot options should check mark the “Safe Boot” and click on the radio button called “Minimal”.
  • Again click on Ok.
  • Then it will ask you to reboot the device so that it will be changed automatically to safe mode.

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#2nd Method

  • Once after the system has been opened, then use the keyboard option “Shift + Restart” combination or click on start button and select the option called power and tap shift key and restart it.
  • Then the windows will reboot and pop up in the screen to choose an option with Continue, Troubleshoot and Turn off the Pc.
  • Select the Option called “Troubleshoot”.
  • And then new screen will be opened.
  • Select the option called “Advanced Option”.
  • And then click on “Startup Settings”.
  • Then you will get the window to “restart” it so that it will boot option to enable the “safe mode”.
  • Select any one of the three options using the shortcut key F4, F5 and F6.
  • F4 to enable the safe mode.
  • F5 to enable the safe mode with networking.
  • F6 to enable the safe mode with command prompt.
  • Choose any one which suits your requirement.

#3rd Method

  • Boot From Recovery Drive app to create a system recovery USB Drive
  • Then Use it to boot the windows 10.
  • After that screen will pop up and ask you to layout the keyboard or if anything not listed then press on “See more keyboard layouts” to view the complete list.
  • Once you have selected the Keyboard layout then click on Trouble shoot and continue the same thing which is followed in above method.

Windows 10 is the special operating system which process with high speed but when you work in the safe mode will not cover the appearance which you see in normal windows 10. These are the best way to get into the safe mode and precede your work without any problem.