Top 10 Best iOS 10 Features

iOS 10 Features

iOS 10 is finally here, the most talked about Operating System is all set to be unveiled. People from around the world have been growing impatient. A lot of people squirmed in their chairs at the Apple WWDC Event this year. With iOS 10 all set to make a debut, Apple is going to reclaims its popularity and give its competition a run for their money. To know iOS 10 release date visit : for further updates.

Here we bring to you top 10 best iOS 10 features, be warned that these ten features are going to change your operating experience, the future is here:

#1. Now you can delete Stock Apps: In order to serve a better operating experience, Apple has decided to let go the compulsions. With the more easing in regulations, users will be able to delete stock Apps that are there in their phones/tablets by default. Deleting these Apps will free up some space, which can be used for storing RAW images or more of Audio files.

#2. Apple Opens up the Siri for Developers: Yes! The extremely awaited feature is here. Apple has finally decided to let go off the constraints related to Siri. With Siri being open to developers, the world is bound to become a better place to live. Order your Uber, food or pay bills within seconds now. We just cannot wait to see what all developers will make the lovely Siri do.

#3. Raise to wake Lock Screen is finally here:iOS 10 Rise and Wakeup

No more clicking the home screen incessantly in order to access all the notifications. Pick up your phone screen to get your lock screen activated and enjoy the pile of notification. Raise to Wake Lock Screen is not the only new feature iOS10 will have but it will also let you clean all your lock screen notification with one gesture. Bingo! The easy and fun days are here again.

#4. All your artists now edit your Photos RAW: What differentiates an amateur photographer from a professional one? The format they edit their photographs in. Yes! While amateurs continue to edit their photographs in .PNG or .jpeg formats, professionals prefer RAW. It is in RAW format that all censor activities and color details are stored. Photographers will now be able to edit their photographs in RAW Format in their iPhones; all thanks to iOS 10.

#5. A much more clear control center: Yes! Apple has finally listened to what was being conveyed. In a surprising move Apple has solved a problem most of the iOS users faced. Now the Swipe-up-from-the-bottom control center will be less cluttered and more fun. With the minimized panel, users will be able to use the important widgets like Night Shift, Camera, Stop Watch and other tools with great ease.

#6. QuickType with the smartness of Siri: The future of keyboards is here. The new version is going to be a lot better than what was shown in the promos of iOS 9; the new QuickType keyword with use smartness of Siri and other Artificial Intelligence algorithms to make typing fun and less hectic.

#7. Apple Music 2.0: The much-awaited makeover is here. Apple finally changed its Music App for better. The new Music 2.0 app comes with show lyrics feature. Yes! You will be able to read lyrics while listening to the songs. Well! You might have to wait for sometime in order to get the lyrics of your favorite song but the new app is too amazing to complain for.

#8. Homekit to simplify your lives: Apple understands and values the growth of Internet of Things and Smart Homes app hence has launched a dedicated app named Homekit that makes things easier, fun and a lot more entertaining than before. iOS 10 Homekit will leverage iOS users with a lot of interesting features that makes stay at home fun.

#9. Redesigned News App:

iOS 10 News appApple has redesigned Apple News to provide users with a better experience. Now users will be able to subscribe and get to read news as they are published. Apple is continuously pushing this app to make it the best. Oh! The Breaking News feature will break your screen in order to acquire your attention as soon as it is published; so from here onwards no more missing important news.

#10. The all new Photo App:

iOS 10 Photo App

Click or upload pictures of you or your family member on your phone and it will be sorted in groups they belong to. Yes! Family pictures will now be automatically sorted in family group and this all is going to be done locally on your phone; unlike Google Photos where Google uploads your photos on its server and then sorts it. Apple is surely pushing envelope with this new Photos App. Here is the iOS 10 supported devices list.

iOS 10 compatibility

Well! Just like you we also cannot wait for iOS 10 to launch, till the time we are going to keep an eye on the news tab and ensure that the best of information is provided to you.