Jack Ma’s Top 10 Rules for Success – Alibaba.com’s Founder


Well Today we will talk about Jack Ma, owner and founder of www.alibaba.com, His wife and friend helped him to raise his business, when he started business with $20,000.  He is the world’s 18th richest man and China’s only richest man. His net worth is about $29.7 billion. here are his Top 10 Rules for Success.

#1. “Get used to rejection”

#2. “Keep your dream alive”

#3. “Focus on culture”

#4. “Ignore the #LittleMan”

#5. “Get inspired”

#6. “Stay focused”

#7. “Have a good name”

#8. “Customers are #1”

#9. “Do not complain, look for opportunities”

#10. “Have passion”

Check this amazing motivational Video :

Source : 1 his channel for more videos.