Ten Simple Ways To Stay Healthy And Fit


1) Eat Fresh : Eat only homemade meals . Increase protein in your diet. Try to cook fresh and healthy food only using less sugar, salt and most important is use less oil always or use olive oil only because its recently discovered that Olive oil is natural weight loss food. Avoid Junk food and avoid over eating between the meal timings after the break fast or before lunch. If you feel like eating between the meal timings you can just take fresh fruits or Juices.

2) Eat Slowly : Try to eat slowly and enjoy it. Its bit difficult to eat slowly but it will help you to eat less according to when you eat normally or in hurry. It will increase your metabolism too that will help you to reduce weight.

3) Eat Fruits : If you feel like eating between your meals you can avoid junk food and eat fruits/or take fresh juice. Eating fruit is better than taking juice. Best time to eat fruit is 30-45 minutes before any meal or after an hour from any meal. Its most natural and simple way to keep your self health and fit.


4) Must Go for a Walk : Must go for a walk twice a day early morning and after the dinner. Morning walk reduces stress from your mind and it extends your mind. Walking makes you feel fresh deep from your soul. Even you have less time for walk but must do it. Its really a easy and nice way to keep your self fresh and healthy.

5) Strict Diet Rules : Make your own healthy diet rules and follow them strictly. Always be honest with your health. If you feel like eating something delicious or your favorite but its out of your diet chart, you can just keep that in your mind and burn those extra calories while exercising or walking and take light food in your next meal of that day. So this way can enjoy your favorite foods and balance your diet nicely.

Green Tea 6) Take Green Tea : Here is the best and fastest weight reducing tip. Recently discovered that drinking green tea increases metabolism in a fast manner. It keeps your heart healthy and it avoids heart disease. It reduces your cholesterol even when you are not doing any activity in other words when you are taking rest.

7) Yoga : If you are getting sick of jogging and from the same exercising routines. Yoga is best solution for you. Yoga itself is a natural body exercise for all. Try Yoga every morning to reduce stress from your mind. Many people are getting much better results from yoga. Its helps your body burning more calories daily.

8) Set your Goals : On every weekend just make plans for next week exercises routines. Makeup your mind daily to do all the exercises what you have setup in your mind. Try your level best to be strict-ed on your daily diet and workout schedule.

9) Aerobics / Cardio Exercises : Aerobics or Cardio are the best Fat reducing workout methods. Join Aerobics classes and try it in the early morning because mornings are always best for any workouts. It increases your lungs capacity and gives a lot of strength to your heart. There are hundreds/thousands of cardio routines videos over the Internet so you can find them easily.

Swimming 10) Swimming : Swimming is really a great way to keep your body fit and its a good body exercise. Its a painless extra weight losing idea. While having fun and reducing stress from your mind in a pool you wont know that how body is getting in shape naturally. Swimming for like 20 minutes is best workout to keep your overall body toned.