Top 10 Beard Trimmers 2015


Most of the peoples used beard trimmers due to its great importance on our beauty. Everyone wants to look beautiful by small beard on his face. But due to regular shaving can take much more time. If you want to decrease this wastage of time then beard trimmers the best option. Below mentioned are Top 10 beard trimmers 2015.

#1. Philips Norelco : Philips NorelcoBuy here :

This is the best and most popular bread trimmer in all over the world. This trimmer consists of LED screen to know its battery life. Its Aquatic seal lets you control the shaver in both wet and dry conditions for flexibility. This is the very best for the value. I would greatly recommend this to every man.

#2. Wahl :

It is best unique design and consists of many features .This is the best beard trimmers. Its supply is done by a lithium ion battery that allows the clipper to charge faster and matter less than clippers with other types of batteries.

#3. Conair Trimmer :

It can be used by the peoples who love their mustaches, whiskers and full beards. This trimmer is particularly designed for men who want to sustain their stubble look. This also comes with a dual battery system.

#4. Remington :

This is the trimmer equipped with sensors and best electronics also consists of coded operation to operate this trimmer. Remington IPL system is a product that really does have people separate down the middle between lovers and haters.

#5. Trym II :

It is beautiful and rechargeable trimmer. It is made of professed class parts. It works like a professional beard trimmer, in spite of not being expensive. This product will give you a trim, without leaving any nicks or cuts, and it is soft and easy.

  #6. Braun Cruzer :

This Cruzer trimmer trims beard and hair in twelve different lengths. It also consists of easy head switching and a dual battery system to keep it going for longer between charges. It comes with a beard trimmer comb that lets you trim your beard into six different lengths.

#7. Conair :

Conair became a family name as a leading manufacturer of flat irons, hair dryers, spa and curling tools. You necessitate to modernism using this tool, and each time you will become better and faster at it.

#8. Mangroomer :

This device is best and advanced beard trimmer available on the market today. It sure enough has a lot of features, so let’s go thru them and see if they really deliver results. The screen also shows the battery life left.  It also provides 16 hour charge.

#9. Gillette Fusion

This trimmer allows you to do everything from close shaving to professionally trimming your beard. This trimmer can also help you by trimming your mustache and side burns as well as other parts of your body.

#10. Panasonic :

It consists of sharp 45° stainless steel blades that cut cleaner for a superior trim of beard. It is designed with Ergonomic, masculine design with rubberized grip.  It also allows water to flow freely through the unit, for quick and easy maintenance. Its indicator lamp glows red while charging.