Top 10 Beautiful Ways to Propose A Girl


1) Video proposal : Make her surprise by proposing her on youtube video. Just make a decent video and express your all your emotions/feelings in the video. Send her the link on her facebook, twitter or email whatever she uses most. She will definitely be surprised. Her reaction will definitely be positive.  

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2) Beach proposal : You should express your feeling somewhere you and she will be alone at some calm place with a beautiful atmosphere. Take her on long drive to the beach where you can express your emotions and say that THREE awesome words standing in front of her. She will definitely be so honored and her heart will surly be melt with this magical proposal.

3) Propose her on Radio : Be brave, show her your strong emotions that how much you love her in front of all the people who are listing that radio. Call that radio station’s jockey whom she listens always. Make sure that she must be listing that radio station at that time. Make a request to radio jockey to play one of her favorite love song and then close your eyes and express your true feelings that touches her heart and tell radio jockey to play that message before or after that track. This is quite impressive way of proposing which will leave a beautiful impression on her heart.   propose

4) Public proposal : This is evergreen and one of the beautiful proposal that must be tried ever by your great grandfather too :). Even its an older proposing way but it still works great to express someone your inner feelings. With a beautiful red rose in your hands just go down on your knees and propose her open in a public or in a restaurant. She will definitely be impressed.  

5) Be Real : You should be real firstly. Before proposing her just express your heart beats how they beat for her in a real, simple and beautiful way. Be yourself, just express your feeling in your own real sweet way.

6) Cook for her : Here is one of the beautiful proposing way to your beloved. Cook her a meal that she really enjoy or bake her a special cake and write down that THREE magical words on that cake and serve her. Express your feeling when she notice that words on a Cake.

7) what do you think about proposing her in a Cinema? : Its just an idea if you can do this she will definitely be surprised. Try to arrange the movie intermission proposal message with the movie theater guys. So that they can play that message on screen while the intermission. Then take her out for a movie. She will definitely be surprised by this way then you can say that all in front of her.  



8)Puppy proposal : If she loves pet. Then what are you looking for here are there. Just bring one cute puppy with a lovely pink ribbon on his neck and gift her by expressing your feelings in a beautiful manner.  



9) Chocolates : This is a still a very common and cute way of proposing and expressing your emotions to your beloved by giving her a bunch of chocolates.

10) Where did you meet first time? : Everyone remembers their first meetings. Its also one of the best way of proposing . Take her to the place where you met her first time. Just go down on your knees with a beautiful red rose in your hands and propose her.