Top 10 Best Careers


1 ) Computer Support Specialist :


You can make bright career as a PC/Computer support specialist. Computer support specialist gives knowledge to those people who don’t know much about the computer. They help people to use computer in right way. Computer support specialist help people to install software, internet connections, Windows, printers and other basic things. Usually people call Computer support specialists when something goes wrong with their computers. Ie. Virus attacks, what antivirus they need to install, how to install printers, how to setup internet connection on PC. and PC supports specialists explain all over the telephones or by online IM support and who have some critical problems occurs, PC support specialists visit them to fix their issues.


2) Public relations specialist / Sociologist :


They are also known as media specialists or communications.Public relations specialists help people with all of their public relations needs, even they are big or small. They help people from news releases and press conferences. The team can help strengthen the public image and awareness that is what your company needs. When people don’t have the time or staff to do so, then they hire public relation specialists to take care of that part. They works as a legal advisors for constitutions to build good relations with the public.


3) Film & Video Editor :


Film editing or video editing is a creativity that adds more entertaining effects in the movie or video clips. In the present File editing and video editing is commonly using in all the movies and videos all around the world. We can say It’s also a part of film making and It’s a special inconspicuous art. You can really make bright future as a file editor or video editor.


4) Accountant/ CA :


Accountant can perform many different projects. Accountant gives Financial Advises  He can keep an eye on any fraudulent activities and take care of all that activities. The main task of accountant is that he has to maintain good financial health of an organization. Accountant has to perform many more tasks related to taxes of an organization.


5) Lab technician :


A Lab technician is also known as Clinical/ Medical Laboratory Scientist. Lab Technicians work in clinical labs. A lab technician performs many duties in the clinical/medical laboratories but their main duties are to do symptomatic examines on human body fluids such as blood, semen, sputum, urine/stool and many more.


6) Massage Therapist :


Massage therapists makes their clients feel relaxed and stress free by pressing their muscles softly. They treat their clients feel in heaven by giving magical hands touch so that they can relieve pain and starts reducing stress. Employment of massage therapists is growing rapidly all over in today’s world which is much faster than the avg. as compare to other occupations.


7 ) Software Engineer :


Are you looking for making career in Software engineering ? If yes, you are on the right track. Software Engineer is one of the best and rapidly growing career fields in today’s world. Software engineer should have better communication skills so that they can adjust in any team or office environment. A software engineer works as a skilled professional who focused on the creating of software. That doesn’t matter if they actually coded or not because they may be software consultants, trainers or testers too.


8 ) Industrial training :


You can make bright career as a Industrial trainer. Main Target of industrial training is to provide best practical knowledge to the students so that they can work in any kind of environment and while training trainer’s provides their students same actual working environment so that he/she can feel the office working stress and gain knowledge . This practical training skills helps students to build their self confidence.


9) Fitness or Personal trainer / Gym instructor :


Personal Training Course is the best choice if you are interested in health and nutrition and If you wanna start your career in Fitness or personal trainer or Gym Instructor this is best every option for you. If you have done Personal trainer course from any best institute you have best opportunities to make career and getting Jobs in all around the world. Career as a Fitness or Personal trainer / Gym instructor is wealthy.


10) Interpreter/Translator :

If you starts learning many different languages, you can make bright career as a Translator because as we all know that there are almost 6,000+ languages in the world. Main job of an Interpreter or Translator is to translate information from one language to other language. you must know the both languages perfectly the one you wanna translate and one in which you are going to explain.