Top 10 Best Health Benefits of Bananas


The delicious and always available fruit, Banana is great source of energy and provides other health benefits to us. This list contains the top ten benefits of this amazing fruit. image source

#1. Get Rid of Acidity :

Humans are prone to acidity. There are many home remedies to get rid of acidity. And one of them are banana. Bananas are effective antacids. They can easily suppress the acid secretion by coating the inner lining of our stomach.

#2 Depressions :

Bananas and depressions, does not match out at all. Right? No, according to study, it is founded that bananas contain high levels of tryptophan. Tryptophan are converted into serotonin. These serotonin are called happy mood brain neurotransmitter.

#3. Less Chances of Asthma :

Scientists keep studying about almost everything. One of these study were about bananas conducted by Imperial college of London. It was concluded that children who ate one banana per day had 34% less chances of developing asthma.

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#4. Good for Heart :

A banana contains 450 mg of potassium. According to a study, people who consumed more than 4000 mg of potassium have 50% less heart disease than the people who consumed normal amount of potassium.

#5. Protective Against Cancer :

Eating four to six bananas a week can be protective against kidney cancer. It was actually proved in a study done on women. Many vegetables and fruits were included in the study and banana was the most effective of them.

#6. Weight loss :

A banana weight 100gm contains 90 calories. It is rich with fiber and contain very low fat. So it can easily eliminate your unnecessary hunger, providing you with loads of calories. Which will keep you fit and helps to lose extra weight

#7. Good for Skin :

Bananas are full of vitamin C which is very useful for our skin. Not just eating a banana will be effective to your skin. Preparing a banana mask and applying it on the skin is much effective. There are many recipes to prepare a banana skin mask.

#8. Natural Remedy for Hairs :

People are very concerned about their hairs, especially women. Those who believe on natural remedies for hairs more than those chemical treatments, banana hair mask is recommend  to them.

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#9. Full of Nutrients :

Along with fiber and potassium, bananas contain other essential nutrients which are required by our body to do daily work. These nutrients includes iron, magnesium, Vitamin A, calcium and some amount of amino acids.

#10. Polish your Leather Shoes :

BananaJust ate your banana and going out with your friends or family?. Wait!. Don’t waste that banana peel because its more useful than you think. Rub the inside of peel to your leather shoes and bag to give them a quick shine.