Top 10 Best Home Theater Systems 2015


“Hobbies don’t have price”  right?. Having a home theatre is one of those priceless hobbies. If you love that suspence or action or romance on big screen and if you have enough money to buy a home theatre, this list presents the top 10 best home theatres.

#1. Philips HTB544D/F7


This is probably the best home theater from Philips. The highlight of this system is its 3D blue-ray compatibility. Moving to sound, this beautiful system is featured by Dolby True HD and D TS-HD. It comes with built in WI-Fi, Bluetooth and a touch screen panel to control various functions.

#2. Yamaha YHT-895 – 7.1-Channel Home Theater System


We all familiar with the quality providing company Yamaha. One of the example of its beautiful creations is YHT-895 home theater system. Blu-ray, DVD or VCR its just do not care about video capabilities. Its speaker are designed to work with YPAO system, providing perfect quality system no matter how big or small your room is.

#3. Sony BDV-E3100 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-ray


Sony is fabulous with its techs. Its home theater BDV-E3100 is the best selling home theater. The highlights are cinematic sound and 1000 watt RMS. Sony installed ‘Sony Entertainment Network’ which provides with the more functions than ever.

#4. Polk Audio TSX110


Polk Audio is well known name in Home Theater market.  TSX110 is beautiful audio box from Polk Audio. The speakers are beautifully designed with great quality polished wood and we don’t need to say anything about its audio quality. Be careful, these cute wood structures will make anyone to fall in love with them.

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#5. Pioneer SPK-PK52FS – 5.1 Home Theater Speaker


This set is created by the Andrew Jones, the man with magic in his hands. He is known for creating the best audio devices. SPK-PK52Fs includes a center chain speaker, two surround speakers and a sub-woofer providing you the mind blowing audio quality.

#6. Energy 5.1


This is one of the affordable finest quality home theater. It includes 4 satellite speakers and the sub-woofer which is very professional with improving the overall audio quality. As it doesn’t cost you much money, it doesn’t much space as well. This little audio box is mountable on the wall.

#7. LG LHB336 – 1100W 3D Blu-ray Home Theater


Talking of tech, we can’t miss the LG, one of the most old and trust-able brand in the world. From its creations, we pick the LHB336 home theater. This piece provides almost everything you need in your home theater. A blue-ray player and speakers provides the finest quality of audio and video. It also features the content-streaming capability.

#8. Bose CineMate 520


This is another affordable home theater which comes with a beautiful and unique design. The speakers are place-able at one point in the room. to make them work you have to connect them through “Wireless Acoustimass”. However, this piece has a con, it does not come with a blu-ray. So be careful when buying it.

#9. Denon S301


This system includes an AM/FM tuner, an 18 inch sub-woofer and two speakers. The speaker are powered by Dolby technology, so we do not need to worry about its audio  quality. In S301, Dolby features the channel simulating technology from right and left front speakers.

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#10. Yamaha NS-SP1800BL


If you do not like those “Eiffel tower” speakers and “car sized” sub-woofer, this product would suit you perfectly. It includes four speaker and a sub woofer. It is mountable on the wall. The audio is not that loud but of-course the high quality.