Top 10 Best Jobs To Do From Home

home based jobs

Every year more and more people are working from their home, starting their own business. Men and women, even teenagers are starting their own home based business. It’s no wonder really why so many people want to work at home and some of the reason are costs of traveling, child-care, and dry-cleaning, are just a few good reasons why it’s cheaper to stay home and work, right?! Even we have no need to give answer to a boss or a supervisor is another reason too. You can set our own hours and work when you want to work is a definite plus as well. Here are the top 10 best jobs to do from home :

1) Make websites and start earning :


Web development is a fast growing business that uses computer programming and technical writing skills to create Web sites. You can start designing and developing your own websites on whatever topic like eCommerce, online projects, study material, photography, wallpapers & Screen savers etc.

2) Selling products online :


Selling products online is one of the most emerging businesses nowadays. Sell your products online on ebay, Amazon, etc sites and make money from home. Describe each product appropriately with their images to attract customers. All you need to have a PC with internet connection.

3) Start content writing for websites :


You all must read books or content from internet. What about writing your own content; not really a bad idea. Write content for websites on different topics. Post it on website and they will pay you for it.

4) Provide online training of technologies :

When you think about some training, a picture of large training hall will come in your mind. It’s not necessary that you must be sitting in large training room to give or attend training. You can give training from your room only. You just need to have a PC with internet connection which connects you with whole world from your room. Start giving training on different technologies like PHP, JAVA, ASP.NET, IBM DB2 etc.

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 5) Blogging for money :


You must be hear about blogging. Blogging is where you can post kind of online journal or general talks about current events or whatever is on your mind. Pick the latest emerging topics for blog so that it can attract people. Now question is how to earn from blogging? Answer is provide links to other sites or advertisements of companies that will pay you money every time whenever any person click on these advertisements and visit their sites.

6) Medical Transcription :

Medical transcription is an allied health profession, which deals in the process of transcription, or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals, into text format.If you have good command on English then start working as a medical transcription from your home.

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7) Franchise owner :

Franchising is a long-term cooperative relationship between two entities that is based on an agreement in which the franchiser provides a licensed privilege to the franchisee to do business. Take a franchise of some company and earn money from it.

8) Coaching / private tuition’s :

Many parents send their children for private tuition after school hours. The main reason for this is that they want their children to perform well in the examinations.The simplest and easiest home based job is start your own coaching center and provide coaching to students on different subjects.

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9) Freelance projects :

A freelancer is somewhat like a free agent. You can essentially sell their services to the highest bidder, except that you usually work for more than one employer.There are so many websites which provide freelance projects, login and bid on different projects; project owner will contact you for more details.

10) Catering :

Catering is to provide people with food and other eating, drinking goods at a social event or some other social gathering.There are various events for which catering can be provided, catering services to the guests at a wedding, catering to a group of students in an educational institution. You can take your catering business up by providing quality and serving style.