Top 10 Best MBA Colleges in The World


#1.    Harvard Business School 1website :

While talking about Top MAB colleges in the world, Harvard Business School, stands top in the list. The college is situated in USA and the weighted salary is $187223. #2.    Stanford Graduate School of Business 2website :

Another top rated MBA college from USA is Stanford Graduate School of Business. The weighted salary in this college is $194645. #3.    University of Pennsylvania: Wharton 3website :

Third in the list of top 10 MBA colleges in the world is University of Pennsylvania: Wharton and once again from USA. The weighted salary at University of Pennsylvania: Wharton is $180772. #4.    London Business School 4website :

‘London Business School’, this MBA college is located in United Kingdom. It was stoned in 1964, after the Franks Report recommended the establishment of two business schools. #5.    Columbia Business School 5website :

This college comes under Columbia University in Manhattan, New York City. It was built in 1916 to provide better professional training to students.

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#6.  INSEAD 6website :

INSEAD is considered as one of the best MBA colleges in the world. It has branches allover in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The college was established in 1957 by Georges Doriot. #7.    Iese Business School 7website :

Next in the list comes ‘Iese Business School’ situated in Spain. This is the graduate business school of the University of Navarra. It was founded in 1958. #8.    Hong Kong UST Business School 8website :

8th Top MBA College is Hong Kong UST Business School located in China. This college was established in 1991. #9.    MIT: Sloan 9website : Another MBA college from USA, it is MIT: Sloan. It is the business school of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. It was established in 1914. #10.    University of Chicago: Booth 10website :

This college is located in USA, it is University of Chicago: Booth. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business is a graduate business school which is situated in Chicago, Illinois, at the University of Chicago. It was founded in 1898.