Top 10 Best Medical Colleges in USA 2015


There are many medical colleges in USA that provides best medical education to the students. Some medical colleges of USA are affiliated to Liaison Committee on Medical Education. These medical colleges provide many educational programs. Students want to study in the top most medical college in USA to boost their career. For these students here are Top 10 best medical colleges in USA 2015.

#1. Edward Via College :

Edward Via CollegeSite :

It is also known as Edward via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine. It is the most famous medical college in USA .this College was established in 2002 by Virginia Tech and the Harvey W. Peters investigation. With no state interest, this medical college was not-for-profit and private.

#2. Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine :

Alabama College of Osteopathic MedicineSite :

The U.S state Alabama consists of many colleges and universities. Its College of Osteopathic Medicine is most successful college in USA. This medical college provides best and professional medical degree to the students. It is also very popular due to nonprofit organization.

#3. Baylor College of Medicine :

Baylor College of Medicine

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This college grabs the top ten positions in best medical college in USA due to providing high quality education to the students. A group of graduated physicians, from Baylor University, found this college. It was the merely private surgical school in Texas. It also offers Ph.D. program in the biological sciences.

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#4. Northwestern University :

Northwestern University

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This university is best known for their researches. It is the largest university that offers various doctoral programs. John Evans founded this medical college in 1851 .Its founder, John Evans, was also found many hospitals and medical associations.

#5. Boston University Medical Campus :

Boston University medical Campus

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It is most famous university situated in Boston, U.S. it is also best known due to non-profit organization. There are more than 3,800 employers worked in this university. This university provides high quality medical education for students. Via eighteen schools this university provides many degrees like medical, dental, business, and law.

#6. Keck School of Medicine :

Keck School of Medicine

Site :

It is the largest medical college of Medicine in Southern California with area of 125,000 square meters. This college also offers cancer centers and hospitals for the treatment of patients. It is one of the best colleges affiliated to University of Southern California. There are many awards won by this college like broadening of the first pedantic Department of Emergency Medicine in the nation.

#7. Yale School of Medicine :

Yale University Medicine

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In 1718, governor of the British East India Company renamed this college to “Yale College”. Yale Corporation governed this University. Many famous persons have done their graduation from this university, like five U.S. Presidents, various living billionaires etc. This university also provides good medical education.

#8. University of Michigan Medical School :

University of Michigan Medical School

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It is the oldest university in the Michigan Territory. The faculty of this university is much experienced .It also builds over 500 largest buildings   in the largest area of university. Its area is calculated as 3.16 km square. In southern Ann Arbor, this university controls a large office building called Wolverine Tower.

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#9. David Geffen School of Medicine :

David Geffen School of Medicine

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This medical college was affiliated to University of California, Los Angeles. Its founder and dean, Stafford L. Warren, is a capable decision maker and solicitor. The School of Medicine started in 1949 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Its main motive is to educate the students in medical field.

#10. Columbia University Medical Center :

Columbia University Medical Center

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This university is situated in the City of New York. This university provides best knowledge of medical education to the students of all over the world. As a name of King’s College, this university was founded in 1754. The founder of the university is Royal charter.