Top 10 Best US Airlines


US  airlines provides the one of the best airlines from all over the world .it provides Good value for money, pleasant and engaged cabin crew. Everyone wants to go for their vacations on best American airlines. Let us look at Top 10 best US airlines to enjoy your journey.

#1. Virgin America : Virgin AmericaSite :

It is an American top list airline. It is high quality airlines in the US. Headquarter of this airlines is situated in Burlingame. It is identify from and as such is under no obligation to work with any companies that share the Virgin brand name. Virgin America only flies to eighteen destinations in the United States and three in Mexico after seven years start up.

#2. Delta Airlines : DeltaSite :

It is successful airline in the US that operates over 5,400 flights is the oldest airline still operating in the United was  organized 1924 in Macon, Georgia. On the Northern boundary of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, corporate headquarters is located.

#3. JetBlue Airlines : jetBlueSite :

In August 1998, it was originated in Delaware. The year 2006 is the best year for Jet Blue growth with new scheduled Thirty-six new aircraft. Depending on the length of the flight, JetBlue charges passengers $10–$30 for a protracted -leg-room seat. it is at the top positions with 87 destinations in multiple countries like  Aruba, The Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Colombia etc.

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#4. Frontier Airlines : FrontierSite :

It is the best US airline. A group that enclosed executives of a previous deification of Frontier Airlines, Originated the Frontier Airlines on 1994. Its first Airbus aircraft took delivery in 2001. Frontier Express, a new subsidiary, formed to control the airline’s smaller aircraft with different services than those available on full-size aircraft.

#5. Alaska Airlines : AlaskaSite :

With the name of McGee Airways, this airline was launched in 1932. It gives highest customer satisfaction of the traditional airlines by more than one hundred destinations in the States. During World War II, Alaska Airlines faced a shortage of pilots. Its first multi-engine aircraft, Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar, was launched in 1943.

#6. Southwest Airlines : southwestSite :

The south west airline is the less cost careers airline in the was established in 1967.its 46,000 employees gives the best performance related to work. It is a largest airline in the is the first airline that flies within the state of Texas. To form the corporate culture at Southwest the airline founder, Herb Kelleher, used many of PSA’s ideas

#7. American Airlines : american airlinesSite :

It is founded in 1930 with several bearers. It was a mutual brand by a number of independent carriers like Southern Air Transport in Texas, Southern Air Fast Express in the western United States, Universal Aviation etc. By serving 72 cities, this airlines operated transcontinental route network in the northeastern, Midwestern, and southwestern United States.

#8. AirTran Airways : airtranSite :

This airline has operated in the eastern and Midwestern United States with 700 flites. It is headquartered in Dallas, and is the American less cost airline. This airline has formed its own self-governing company named Airways Corporation, in 1995. It serves 70 cities coast-to-coast as well as in the Caribbean and Mexico by providing 700 flights per day.

#9. United Airlines : UntitledSite :

It consists of various destinations in all over the world. It is most popular and largest airline in US. It Provide with headquarters in Chicago, has more than 88,500 people working in this airlines. United Continental Holdings is its parent company. Delta Air Lines, American Airlines are the main contender in its domestic market.

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#10. ExpressJet : expressjetSite :

ExpressJet provides a regional bearer operating flights for American Airlines, Delta and United, to saw minor transformation in disown boarding and misconduct luggage also explain the lower number of objections it received in 2013. Still, only 72.8 percent of ExpressJet flights arrived on time in 2013, down from 76.9 percent in 2012.