Top 10 Countries Indians Can Visit Without A Visa

Top 10 Countries Indians Can Visit Without A Visa

When you think of going on a trip to other countries, one of the important things that run in your mind is the formalities and expenses, and the primary thing is getting a visa. To reduce these type of pressure, there are many countries were Indians can visit without the help of visa. Several individuals do not need a visa, while others provide visa on arrival. This means you can travel several nations with just the assistance of passport. It also saves you the money and the period needed to get the visa process ordered. Based on this, here are the top 10 countries were Indians can visit without a visa around the world.

#1. Nepal

This is one of the countries where you do not need your visa to travel. You can also visit Nepal by travel by road; it could be a beautiful place with lots of temples and mountain areas.

#2. Bhutan

It is the country with the theme of Gross National Happiness ad it is also called as land of happiness. To visit these tremendous areas you can take a hit on the road or short flight and feel the beauty of the Bhutan.

#3. Hong Kong

It will provide Indians entry without a visa for two weeks; you can stay in Hong Kong visa free. There are several laces are here to enjoy that includes a global financial center, skyscrapers, night markets, electric foods, and many more.

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#4. Maldives

This is the most famous country that can be widely referred by Honeymooners for its exquisite places like, blue lagoons, beaches, and coral reefs. But it will allow Indians to stay there for only one month.

#5. Mauritius

It can allow Indians to stay and enjoy there for two months without visa. It is the land of best beaches and the scrumptious seafood, which is more effective.

#6. Jordan

This will be the major country for textiles, in that several Indians will be the workers they will enter here without visa. Here the famous place to visit is float in the Dead Sea, heritage site of Petra, and many more.

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#7. Cambodia

Here the most famous tourist spot is Angkor Wat, in which many Indians were traveling her to visit this beauty without visa for one month.

#8. Bolivia

It will become the origin for Amazon jungles that can be attracted by various people every year. For Indians, they will permit without visa for one month to enjoy the nature of Bolivia.

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#9. Macau

It is one of the countries in the world that is very high in financial expenses. It will allow Indians to visit their country without the required of a visa. Some of the tourist places in Macau are Tower and Senado Square.

#10. Jamaica

It will be the native of Reggae music and the country that provide them Bob Marley. It is called as a land of complete culture and history.  

These are the countries that Indians can travel around the world without visa. Each country will have a unique specialty that fulfills the people requirements.