Top 10 Countries With Fastest Internet


Internet is mostly used in all over the world. It was made available to the world in the late 80s through dial up connections which was able to reach maximum speed of 56 kilobits. Now Fast internet can be found in many pockets of the different parts of the world. The top 10 countries with fastest Internet listed below.

#1. South Korea (Average Mbps: 22.2) :

South Korea is at the top most position of fastest Internet countries with Internet penetration rate of 91.52%. It has systematically Ranked first worldwide in the UN-ICT Development Index. It has also a peak Internet connection speed of 44.8 Mbit/s.

#2. Hong Kong (Average Mbps: 16.8.) :

Policy shift makes Hong Kong a very well-connected city. It is at the second place in fastest internet countries. 83 % of households in Hong Kong have fixed broadband service.

 #3. Japan (Average Mbps: 15.2) :

Japan is known for its advanced technology. Fastest and most popular option for internet in Japan is fiber has a max speed of 100 or 200 Mbps. From the past few years’ Japanese internet technology leading to success and now it is at the third place in top fastest internet countries.

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#4. Sweden (Average Mbps: 14.6) :

Sweden grabs its position in top 10 fastest internet use countries with average internet speed of 14.6 mbps. 94.0% of the Sweden population use access Cable Internet at speeds of 128 Kbit/s to 10 Gbit/s.

#5. Switzerland (Average Mbps: 14.5) :

85.2% of the population of Switzerland use internet. Switzerland consists of 3.3 million subscribers. The highest broadband penetration rates in Europe are Switzerland. Switzerland managed to hit a 21 per cent increase over the previous year.

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#6. Netherlands (Average Mbps: 14.2) :

 When it comes to fastest internet, The Netherlands until recently was close to the top of the charts, only behind countries such as South Korea and Japan etc. Netherlands are playing catch-up, in the area of fiber networks. It has an average Internet speed of 14.2Mbps.

#7. Latvia (Average Mbps : 13) :

Download speed on mobile devices in Latvia is 24.07 is growing country in terms of fastest internet with an average Internet speed of 13Mbps. Latvia is listed 48th on the Human Development Index and as a high income country.

#8. Ireland (Average Mbps: 12.7) :

The fastest broadband service in Ireland is available with UPC, which can provide super-fast speeds up to 240Mb with fiber power broadband network. It also growing in technology sector .It has an Average speed of 12.7 mbps.

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#9. Czech Republic (Average Mbps: 12.3) :

Czech Republic has Internet users of 7.6 million i.e. 75.0% of the population of Czech Republic. 8.0 million IPv4 Addresses are allocated in Czech. It has the most Wi-Fi subscriber in the whole European Union. It has an Average speed of 12.3 mbps.

#10. Finland (Average Mbps: 12.1) :

Every person in Finland can access the Internet at a minimum speed of 1Mbps.It consist of various Internet service providers like Sonera, Elisa Oyj and DNA Oy. Internet Service in Finland is absolutely reliable.