Top 10 Dangerous Dogs Breeds in the World


There are many breeds of dogs but here we will discuss top 10 dangerous breeds. Some of them are so attractive and good looking. But some dogs are too much dangerous and are better known for their aggression. This list will give you the good information about the dangerous dogs. Remember that this list isn’t meaning that you can’t use these dogs as a pet dog. Peoples can also use these dogs on domestic level and some of dogs which are in dangerous dog list can be use as pet dogs with some training but these dogs are well known for their aggression.

#1. Pit Bulls :

Pit Bullsource

Pitbill is an American breed. Police also use this dog for operations. Pitbull is none of the best breed for dog fighting. These are so much aggressive and are well known for their bite which can cause the death of people. Pitbull considered as the most dangerous dog in America.

#2. Rottweilers :


Rottweilers dogs are originated in Germany called German breed . This dog is also very angry like a pitbull dogs. They were used for hunting. Rottweilers are remarkably smart, but you’ll have to devote a ton of attention and love to them if u wants to become loyal to rottweilers.

#3. German Shepherds :


As name also shows that. These dogs are originated from Germany. These dogs are very intelligent and smart. The German Shepherds are highly used by the police because these dogs have great sense of smelling and This dog is so confident and fearless . this dog is also domestic dog for peoples because this dog is  smart, loyal, fearless, adaptable, and easily trained.

#4. Huskies :


These are the Alaskan dogs. Huskies are strengthen, intelligent and athletics dog. These dogs are not domestic dogs these dogs can bite the human this is not too much loyal dog. but It’s biting nature ranked it the world’s 4th dangerous dog. Dogs were historically bred only for work and did not really socialize with people. This dog like very cold weather and remains happy in snow.

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#5. Alaskan Malamutes :


They are loyal to their owner can be use as domestic purpose and it is socialized dog  but Lot of exercise required for them to make them happy  If they get bored they can be a destructive These dogs are being used as recreational pursuit of sledding.  Alaskan Malamutes find themselves included in this list of the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds but with lot of efforts u can use this dog as pet dog.

#6. Doberman Pinschers :


Doberman are the domestic dogs and have the excellent ability of protection it is also an German breed. It is also being used as a guard dog and police dog. This dog attacks in conditions when it feels the fear to its family this is why it is vey loyal dog Doberman is also aggressive dog.

#7. Chow Chows :


This dog is very cute and cuddly stuffed-toy.  These dogs are easily startled and annoyed, which might also make them quite unpredictable and makes them aggressive.These dogs are being used for hunting, herding and protection of home and domestic use. These dogs are so popular among the rich people. But it ranked 7th dangerous dog in this word.

#8. Great Danes :

Great DanesSource

This breed is unique, these dogs are usually very tall and Great Danes have a very sharp teeth, this is also an intelligent breed but are very dangerous.

#9 Boxer :


It’s a medium sized dog. Their origin is Germany, They have square muscles. These dogs are vey strengthful dogs and the can bite badly They have square muscles. It’s a very difficult to trained them but we can use them as a pet dog with training efforts but this dog is also This dog is considered as the one of the dangerous dog in the world.

#10. Presa Canario :

PENTAX Image source

These dogs are often used as a guard and for fighting purposes. As the name showing The origin of this dog is Canary Island. having no fear, and too much power is character of this dog. This is considered as the world’s 10th dangerous dog.