Top 10 Exercises To Increase Height


Everyone wants good body height for looking beautiful. Height also play vital role for every person. Many of herbal medicines and Ayurvedic medicines are also available in the markets but they have also side effect. If you are suffering from low height don’t worry. There are many physical exercises that help you in increasing your height. Below mentioned are Top 10 exercises to increase height.

#1. Dry Land Swim :

It is the best way to increase your height very instantly. It is found to be effective exercise. It is done by just lying on the land with mouth towards the land. And try to move your hand like swimming. This exercise is looking as a simulated swim. You can do this for few minutes with one to two set regularly.

#2. Hanging Exercises :

Hanging is most important to boosts your height. It is found that some kids are looking shot heighten due to less exercise and more stress due to study. You can ask your kids to hang on a bar for five minutes daily to increase your kid’s height. It is best if during hanging just move your kid to and fro like a pendulum.

#3. Pelvic Shift :

This exercise is so much effective in increasing your height rapidly without any side effects. It is the spine exercise. You need to start the exercise by primarily lying on your back with your shoulders and then arms set unwaveringly on the floor.  Bend your knees and draw your feet as close to your buttock as you can.

#4. Stretch Your Body :

There are many stretches positions to boosts the height properly. Adults are very serious about their height. They can increase their height by stretching the body with different styles. Stretching directly put effect on spine and helps in growth of the cartilage between your vertebrae.

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#5. Inversion Table :

You can safely and easily hang top side down for full upending by using inversion table. It works by making space between the vertebrae by decompressing and stretching your muscles may help you taller. There are many of inversions therapies are available in the markets.

#6. Jump Rope :

If you have a rope at home then this must be the best exercise for you. It is found that by jumping the rope daily basis for 15 minutes lead to boosts your height to great extent in just few months .this is very steady exercise that instantly contracting and relaxing of muscles that provides elastic strength to your body and increase height.

#7. Ankle Weights :

These weights are start out with 10 or 15 lbs. You can use these weights on your knees on each leg. You can also do kick exercise by using ankle weights. You can also gradually increase the load as your knees get stronger or your height increases.

#8. The Cat Stretch :

It is the best exercise for height. Many of people’s daily done this exercise. It not only increase your height but also helps in curing health diseases. The height is not increased with small repetitions .you must do it regularly for increasing your height.

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#9. Pilates Roll Over :

It stretches the spine and makes you longer in steady. This exercise is done by laying back on a table or on the floor. After that facing the ceiling with arms palms down on either side. It is difficult position during first attempt but regular use can increase your flexibility.

#10. Wall Push-Ups :

Push-ups are one of the oldest and most widely known strength exercises on Earth. It also help in increasing height if doing properly. Wall pushup is the small modification in this you can push the wall with one hand by standing at some distance from the wall. After this make right and left movement of your hand to pushups.