Top 10 Facts About Dreams


What are the facts about dreams?, Why people dream? These are the most common questions that comes to everyone’s mind. Below mentioned are the facts about dreams.

1) Everyone Dreams :

Excluded utmost mental disorder people. Everybody on this earth dreams. Men and women dreams differently. Because of their different physical structure their reactions are different. But its fact and true that men mostly dream about women and women dreams about men.

2) Blind People Dream Too :


Yes this is an amazing fact that blind people dream too. Those people who become blind because of some tragedy in their life after their birth can really see pictures while dreaming. But on the other hand people who are blind by birth can’t see any pictures while dreaming but they dream too and they have dreams same intense taking their other senses of feelings.

3) Dreams of Most Common Feelings :


Another amazing fact that most of us dream of most common feelings. We all have much more negative feelings than the positive feelings. Adults have less nightmares as compare to children.  Nightmares are too much common in small children between the age group of 3 to 8 years.

4) Everyone usually forget most of Dreams :

We all forget 90%-95% of our dreams just after a few mins of waking. Because when we sleep we all are half unconscious and there are a lot of changes occurs in the brain during sleep and that can’t be saved in the memory.

5) What we know that only comes in our Dreams :

We can see all of those things in dreams of what we know. What we see, what we feel, what we think, faces, places, TV, movies, etc and even those things too what we see but we are not sure about that or we don’t know about it. but we can see them in our dreams and they comes mostly.

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6) Animals Dream Too, Strange? But its true Fact :

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There are many different researches have been done on different animals, shows that Animals dream too. but its not like we humans dream. Its really a Crazy fact that they only dream about their conducts, eg: mostly dog dreams about chasing, eating etc. I have also seen my dog sometimes barking, and moves his legs during his sleep. He might be chasing cats or dogs in his dream lol 😀 . but its true.

7) Different Dreams in One Night :

A normal human can dream many dissimilar dreams in a single night. Yes its true that most of us dream 4-7 dreams in a single night. but as its mentioned above that we usually forget 90 to 95% of our dreams just a after a few mins of waking. Because when we sleep we all are half conscious and there are a lot of changes occurs in the brain during sleep and that can’t be saved in the memory.

8) During Pregnancy a Pregnant Lady Dream more :


Another amazing fact about dream is a pregnant lady dream more as compare to normal people also a pregnant woman remembers her dreams more. Because pregnant woman needs much rest for her mind and she needs more sleep daily so in fact if she sleeps more, naturally she dreams more.

9) Can we control our dreams? The answer is Yes We can :



10) Our Brain is Active When we Dream :


Yes its true, because many researches have proven that our brain is active when we dream. Its common and it usually happens with everyone that When we see any horror nightmare while sleeping. We often starts talking in real during sleep or some of us starts shouting “Help me, Help me” then we suddenly wake-up and what we can see that it was’t real it was just a horrible nightmare. This all happens because of our active brain that indicates us.