Top 10 Facts About Earthquake


Earthquake is no new term, we know it as one of the most powerful disaster on earth. The few second shock waves, causes hundreds, sometimes thousands of deaths along With millions of property destroyed.  Here we enlisting the top 10 facts about earthquake.

#1.    Near about 500,000 earthquakes hits earths every year from which we experience about 100,000.

#2.    On May, 22, 1960 An earthquake of 9.5 hit the Chile, which is still the largest recorded earthquake in the world.

#3.    On January 23, 1556 in Shansi, China the deadliest earthquake struck killing about 830,000.

#4.    The longest earthquake was recorded in 2004 in Indian ocean which lasted for whole 10  minutes.

#5.    Only tectonic plates are not responsible for earthquakes. Oil drilling, coil mining, constructing large dams and buildings can cause earthquakes.

#6.    According to the Scientists, toads can predict earthquake few days earlier by smelling the gases and charged particles.

#7.    In Japan mythology, Namazu, a giant fish causes the earthquakes.

#8.    Earthquake of magnitude 7 or higher can destroy the whole city.

#9.    Sumatra earthquake in 2004 caused the planet to spin faster and shortened the day by 6.8 microseconds.

#10. The world’s first earthquake detector was created nearly 2000 years ago by a a Chinese astronomer named Zhang Heng which could detect earthquakes more than 370 miles  away.