Top 10 Facts About UK England


UK is a sovereign state in Europe. Due to its estimated 64.5 million denizens, it is the 22nd- most populous country.UK has many facts and figures.  It is a developed country. Below mentioned are Top 10 facts about UK England.

  • Bridges

London has many historical bridges .There is 24 brides cross over the Thames. Thames is the England’s longest river. London also made a wooden bridge. The most popular bridge cross over the Thames is Tower Bridge. The London Bridge is also he one of the most popular bridge cross over the Thames.

  • Economy

The United Kingdom has high per capita in the world, due to be the sixth-largest economy. Services sector provides seventy-three percent of the GDP. Tourism is a substantial part of the economy, due to maximum number of visitors of any city from all over the world. Pharmaceutical industry is also growing in UK to support the best economy.

  • Windsor castle

Windsor Castle is situated in the county of Berkshire, England. It is one of the imperial residences and it is the largest invaded castle in the world. Only the wood was used to make the origin castle in 11th century. It was built as a motte and bailey, with three wards surrounding a central hammock.

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  • Seven Sister Country Park

It is mostly used for film making and television is most beautiful park situated in in the South Downs National has 280 hectares of chalk cliffs, wandering river valley and open chalk grazing land. A lighthouse in the sea marks the former headland.

  • Queen of England (Elizabeth).

She speaks fluent French and frequently uses the language for audiences and state visits. She does not require an interpreter. She held   610 enthronization personally. She is the patron of more than 600 charities and organizations.

  • Area and Population

The total area of 94,060 square miles is covered by The United Kingdom. The country has a coastline of 11,073 miles. As estimated in 2010, the country had a population of about 62,262,000.

  • Wilton’s Music Hall

It built as a music hall. Now, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, it is run as a multi-arts performance space. It sustains many original features. May classical music, cabaret, dance, and magic programs presenting by this hall. It is located at the heart of the historic East End inside easy walking distance from The Tower of London

  • Largest lakes

There are many largest lakes in UK. Lough Neagh is the largest lake in UK. With 76 meters (249 ft.) deep Wastwater is one of the deepest lakes in the United Kingdom. UK’s Rutland Water Lake was known as Empingham Reservoir during its fabrication and until its official opening in 1976.

  • Oxford University

Oxford is an unequaled and historical institution. It is most successful university in England. Its primitive halls of residence were established in 13th century. Oxford had attained distinction above every other seat of learning, and won the compliments of popes, kings and Balthasar by virtue of its ancientness, course of study, doctrine and perquisite.

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  • Manufacturers trading

To building a vibrant, successful and modern economy the growth of Manufacturers trading is necessary. UK is the 10th largest goods exporter in the world. There are more than 2.6 million peoples working in UK companies and the figure goes on increasing every year.UK manufacturing industry makes up 11% of UK GVA.