Top 10 Fastest Growing Countries in The World 2016


The population of the world is crossing over the boundaries, and there are some countries have struggled to make the effective development in the economics and the growth factor in the country. Even though there are some other countries has made some tremendous development in their economic strength and proved as the best of the fastest economic countries in the world.

#1. China


Even though the China is struggling to make some more plans and the development in the economic strategy for the countries, they are well managed to make the development of their growth in the social economic rates with more effective manner.  It is one of the most important the growing development of the country in the use of the G-20 nations of the world.  

#2. Philippines

Philippines, Philippines flag

The Philippines is the top 2nd growing countries in the world, the country managed to make the effective development of their economic growth rate having the standard GDP Growth rate of 6.3% in the year 2015.

#3. Kenya

kenya, kenya flag, fastest growing countries

Well, the Kenya is one of the highest poverty and the unemployment countries in the world, but it managed to make the economic development with more effective manner.  The economical growth of the country is getting developed at the rate of contributing 6% of the economic development among other countries in the world.

#4. India

india, indian flag, fastest growing countries in the worldThe contribution in the development of the foreign investments and the exports manufacture of India is helpful to attain this ranking, where it is having the GDP growth rate of 5.6% for the year 2015.  In addition to that, India is also being the one of the most emerging world economical markets in the world.

#5. Indonesia

The development of the economical growth for the Indonesia is mainly from the contribution of its president Joko Widodo, who makes some more effective steps to increase the GDP growth rate for the country in the year 2015.  All of his steps are leading the country to get major contribution in the economical rate in the global market.

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#6. Nigeria

Even though, the Nigeria is the most famous country for the unemployment’s and the poverty in the world, but it struggled to make the effective development in the economical rate in the with some more economical statistics and the social developments.

#7. Malaysia

The GDP growth of the Malaysian economic development is approximately at the rate of 5.9% in the year 2015.  According to the exports of goods and the business of the marketing, the Palm oil gets some more important place for the economic growth for the country.

#8. Peru

The country Peru is having the most important place in the development of the social economic development 2015, with the state of social economic development is by bank cut interest rates.

#9. Thailand

Well, for making the discussion of the countries for getting the dramatic social development, then Thailand is the best example to deliver. It gives the tremendous changes in the economic rates from 1% to 4.6% within 2015.

#10. UAE

There is no wonder, for the Gulf countries get the effective development in the economic growth rate.  The major reason for the growth of the country is for making the effective encouragement to make the investments from the business standards for all parts of the world.