Top 10 Features of Apple Watch


Finally, the wait is over for millions of lovers of Apple Watch. The new electronic device will be available in the market on per-order on April 10 and on sale April 24. The company has decided that it will initially launch Apple Watch in nine countries including United Kingdom, China, Japan, Australia, France, Germany and Hong Kong.   The basic model will cost around $349 and top model will cost around $17,000. Here comes top features of Apple watch.

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#1. The new Apple Watch has Qi charging capability, means wireless charging facility. However, it will be hard for you to charge the device when away from home or driving to somewhere.

#2. Company claims that the new Apple Watch has “all day battery life”, however, if you use it for long, you need charging.

#3.  Apple Watch has digital touch with the help of which you can draw quick images to friends. You can ‘tap’ images to get and give notifications to friends.

#4. Built-in GPS, yes, the feature was missed in the first generation. No more iPhone needed to operate Apple Watch, it will learn your pace and will generate an accurate representation of your workout.

#5. Now, there is a sensor at the backside of the watch to measure your heart rate at any time. With the help of Taptic Engine, you can send your heartbeat to your friend.

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#6.  There is an addition of Watch Kit, which allows user to create third party apps, built under the developer’s tool.

#7. Of course, there is Wi-Fi availability in the new device. You can receive calls and texts as well.

#8. The new Apple Watch already acts as viewfinder for your iPhone camera, which is an handy feature but needs some improvement as well.

#9. Apple Watch comes with IPX7 designation, which means you can use the watch in rain & shower.

#10. Last but not the least; the new Apple Watch comes with gold plated option.;