Top 10 Features Of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

galaxy s6 edge plus, galaxy s6 edge+

Samsung Company has been successful in all electronic marketing businesses especially in mobile support because at the beginning the growth has been not up to the mark and then once they began to introduce the Samsung Galaxy version then their range has been completely changed and it has set a trademark setup in International Market.

#1. Peak Appearance Camera :

There are some smart work has been introduced in the Samsung galaxy s6 camera that has fast enough to grab the picture even in the low light resolution. Moreover it has the wide range of selfie camera support that is highly resolution with split basis.

#2. Leading Charge Setup :

It has been introduced the new feature called as smart manager within the software that helps you to track the task and ensure that the power must not waste and lead the charging capacity and also help you store battery usage of minimum 3 hours within 10 minutes battery life.

#3. Application in Sharp Look :

The application which is appeared on the screen would look so sharp and attract the eyes of each and every person who make use of it. This has been completely different look as compare to other brand.

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#4. Advanced Version Netflix Supportive :

You have the most expensive screen with highly resolution display in which Samsung has updated through which you can access the Netflix HD display in which everyone can point out and watch through long distance.

#5. Adobe Lightroom :

this is one of the special application which is too expensive when you make use in other branded mobiles where as in Samsung galaxy S6 you have the option to download this app for free of cost and perform some highly formation light effects in photos and videos similar to animation work.

samsung galaxy s6 edge plus, galaxy s6 edge+
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#6. Enhancement Of DropBox Application :

This is another innovative app that helps you to store the information and manage the internal memory as well as external memory through which you create some virtual storage that can be make use when the External memory is full.

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#7. Strong Multiple Tasking :

Multiple task can be performed in various mobile now a days but the major issue is not about the task which you are performing rather it should be noted about the performance and rapid access of individual task as a multiple process. This is one of the finest features of Samsung Galaxy S6.

#8. Easy To Share :

Large storage documents or files can be shared through mobiles which take huge amount to time to share with friends or other persons. In this mobile there is innovative option to share the data easily by making use of the concept of virtual storage. This can be attained only if you make use of it.

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#9. Raw Power Prevention :

The unnecessary usage of storage will be automatically removed by making use of smart manager which is inbuilt in the software of Samsung galaxy S6. This is also one of the innovative features of Samsung which is not yet deployed in other mobile.

#10. Smart Access Manager :

This is one of the finest applications which are in built inside the internal device that helps to view and manipulate the battery life.