Top 10 Fruits For Hair Growth

image credit : Zephyris / wikipedia

Hair growth is the natural phenomenon. If peoples are in the age of adults they want beautiful hair and their growth. These hair starts falling due to many reasons like busy schedules, improper diet etc. Fruits are the best option for prevent the hair fall. There are various fruits are available to prevent hair loss. Below listed are Top 10 fruits for hair growth.

#1. Oranges :

It is most popular fruit. Oranges are rich in Vitamin-C. This vitamin is very helpful of hair growth. It also helps in curing the many skin diseases or infections. You can also apply the orange on your scalp to prevent hair loss.

#2. Banana :

It is one of the best fruit for the treatment of hair is also very cheapest fruit found in the markets. This fruit also helps curing various harmful dieseses. It is also good source of potassium. There are many of bananas hair packs are available that helps reduce hair fall.

#3. Grapes :

It is the top most fruit for hair treatment. It consists of many nutrients useful for hairs. You can also use grapes seed oil to get relief from hair loss. You also have an option for hair packs with grape seed that helps a lot in the re-growth of healthy hair.

#4. Pineapples :

It is the excellent fruits contains high amount of vitamins and minerals. It not only prevent the hair growths but help in the treatment of acne or many more skin is most popular natural fruit for the treatment of hair loss.

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#5. Apricots :

Apricot scrub is often used to ex foliate the skin. You can also use apricots seed oil for hair fall. Apricot seed oil is one of the best remedies. You can massage with this oil. Apricot seed oil is also used with other oils like Amla oil etc.

#6. Cherries :

It is researched that cherry has the highest antioxidant level of any fruit with 17 different antioxidant compounds present. It is most popular fruit for the prevention of hair fall. Its antibacterial properties decrease toxins from the blood and fight bacteria trapped under the skin.

#7. Guava :

Guava is an excellent source of vitamin C which boosts the healthy hair growth by preventing from all the hair loss problems. It also consists of very helpful nutrients and minerals that helps fight against many diseases.

#8. Papaya :

Papaya is very advantageous for your hair. It is Rich in various minerals, vitamins and enzymes it helps boost hair growth and strength. It can also help increase your hair volume by nutritious the hair shaft. Papaya is also used for controlling dandruff.

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#9. Plum :

It is most popular fruit for the prevention of hair loss. It Promotes longer and healthier act as a great Remedy for split ends. It also reduces the dandruff from the scalp. You can use this fruit regularly to see better results in hair fall.

#10. Peaches :

 This extremely nutritious fruit can help reduce hair fall. It is a beautiful fruit for beautiful is easy available in the consists of various vitamins and minerals that treat other hair problems.