Top 10 Haunted Places in India


image source haunted placeThere are many haunted places in India that scared you. These places are called haunted because many people believe that these places are covered with ghosts. These places have negotiated to stay obsessed for years. Below mentioned are the top 10 haunted places in India.

#1. GP Block – Meerut

Meerut is the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.GP block is found one of the most haunted areas in the Meerut city’s history. Many people believed that there is the women spirit sitting on the roof with red cloths. It occurs to be most common visual sense for people passing through that area.

#2. Aleya Ghost Lights, West Bengal

Aleya ghost lights are   set up in fenland of West Bengal. These lights were identify by local fisherman .It may direct to overwhelm if anyone proceed towards the fenlands and follow these lights. These lights occasionally confound fisherman and preclude them from future dangers

#3. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

It was the oldest fort established in is situated in Rajasthan city with a population of 1,306. The fort and its city district are well protected. By the Archaeological Survey of India, a notice board with “no one is allowed” is put up outside this fort.

#4. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

This Beach is virtually 25 kilometers away from the City. This is the pessimism place of all time in Surat. This beach is haunted and it is named at top ten positions in most unsafe place of India in Haunted Places. No tourist would agree to go to this place again due to haunted stores of this place.

#5. Jamali Kamali Masjid, Delhi

It is the tomb situated in Mehrauli Archaeological Park in the southern area of Delhi. Its maintained interior has original colored slabs and luxuriously painted is known as haunted place because some peoples believe that Jinn(ghosts) steps into human world and decides to stay here.

#6. Kuldhara – Rajasthan

It is situated to 17km west of Jaisalmer .there are many peoples of Rajasthan believed that  prickly aesthesis on the back of the visitors neck which makes one very uncomfortable. Some peoples told that a businessperson daughter was forced by a swayed to marry him but as she did not wish to marry him the total village at the call of the businessman vacated the village the same night.

#7. The Shaniwarwada Fort – Pune

It is the most popular haunted place located in Pune. It is believed that on the night of every new moon, this fort becomes a place of horror. There is a story of blackwash, greed for power and perfidy behind this haunted fort. It has five gates like Dilli Darwaza, Khidki Darwaja etc.

#8. Tunnel No 33 , Shimla

This tunnel is situated in Shimla. It is the consecutive tunnel in the world, which is connected with local story and fable. It was established in early 20th century during the building of the Kalka. It is said that many people saw the ghost of the Colonel Barog in and about the tunnel. People are goddamn sure that the blackness of the tunnel, consists of something cryptic and spooky in its silence.

#9. Agrasen Ki Baoli , Delhi

The Baoli was primarily constructed by Maharaja Agrasen, in the Mahabharata period. The occurrence of occult activities and aliveness of the evil one is controversial and has been deliberated every now and then. The aloud and sharp cry of the bats emphatically adds up to the evil estimation of the Baoli, and may play a role in increasing spooky ness inside the memorial.

#10. Ramoji Film City

This Ramoji Film city situated at outer area of Hyderabad. There are many famous hotels are situated inside this film city. According to local beliefs that spot was a war ground. This place is majorly obsessed by dead soldiers. Various actors detected ghostly footsteps, when they checked there was nothing.