Top 10 Hidden Features of iOS 9


Apple team is performing a great job in implementing the distinct version which has unique features. Recently Apple’s newest iOS is far good and introduced some drastic change in iOS 9. This iOS shown some biggest impact on all VIP’s throughout the world and also tweaked with wide range. Apple is integrated with strong team in building the secured Operating System and introducing the upgraded version in rapid session. In simple term it can be called as revolution rather than evolution because most of the customers from all part of the world have given a nice feedback about it within a week, after the launch of the product. There is a thousand of subtle tweaks and changes are made with drastic software updates. Now it’s time to discuss about the best and innovative features of iOS 9 are as follows:

#1. Picture-by-Picture Multiprocessing :

Previously this has been supported in Android version, but Apple has customized such features with high quality performance which folds with iOS 9. The download features are supported only with iPad in Apple OS but now they have decided to launch this extraordinary feature in upcoming version of iPhone. This multitasking feature will also be integrated with improved app switcher too and one can send emails, messages and other Internet accessories quickly.

#2. Innovative App Switcher :

iOS 9 task switcher

At a time, user can access all the apps intuitively by making use of deck of cards. In regular, apple used to access the several apps by double press the home button which appears at the left side of the screen. The newly updated card based interface has been introduced which is something distinct from vertical cards.

#3. Updated Navigation Photo Access :

iOS 9 is designed in such a way that it provide one of the best service which it make easier for user such as scroll through in innovative manner and select the photos. At the bottom of the page there is an option to scroll back between all your pictures which has been stored in it.

#4. Better Battery Life :

Apple has already given a shock by providing battery capacity in small in size on both the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus but iOS 9 is going to perform some functionality which has greatest efficiency by using “Low Power Mode”

How to turn it on?

Goto settings >> Battery >> Low Power Mode

iOS 9 Low power mode

#5. Smarter Siri Suggestions :

Siri suggestions iOS 9

Siri is integrated with iOS 9 in compact manner which has a great surface of handling bunch of proactive hints based on iPhone. The person whom you are looking to call at regular time interval in every day can be set as a suggested contact using a spotlight.

#6. Music Response Option :

One of the most proactive feature of iOS 9 is supported with music app launches automatically once you plug the earbuds.

#7. Reduce Installation space :

Apple has been strongly criticized by most of the customers for offer just 16GB of storage in its base iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus model but now iOS 9 has rectified such kind of issue and providing service with less space to upgrade the needs.

#8. Proactive Assistant :

Apple is making great presence of look in visual and it continues again and again.

#9. Improved Keyboard :

Keyboards in iOS 9 has a slight makeover by just shifting iOS 8 (left) caps format to lower case convention on the iOS 9 (right).

#10. Innovative Map Options :

The tremendously improved Innovative Maps software here uses the perfect information about bus and train timing that help to make smooth and quick journey.