Top 10 Interesting Facts about Domino’s Pizza


Most of the peoples are very fond of eating pizza. Pizza is the delicious food available in all over the world. Various peoples from different countries enjoys with pizza using on their dinners, parties or many other forms. There is the big chain of Domino’s Pizza found in all over the world to treat the people. Below mentioned are the Top 10 interesting facts about Domino’s Pizza.

#1. what? 10 million miles in a week? :

There are many Domino’s stores in the United States with a distance lot of miles. If you combine the total distance traveled by Domino’s delivery drivers in their cars each week, you get an estimated 10 million miles. It is the distance of forty-one trips to the moon.

#2. Combinations :

There are many combinations of domino pizza are available on their stores. it is the most interesting fact that the domino’s also allows you to make your own pizza both in store and online, you can make up to 34 million pizza combinations from their list of ingredients.

#3. US :

It is found that the U.S is the fan of Pizza. The U.S peoples eat large amount of Pizza due to its delicious taste. It is researched that Approx. 251,770,000 pounds of pepperoni pizzas are eat up every year in the US lonely. The largest pizza of 1 m 37 cm is also available in U.S.

#4. Founded by two Brothers :

In 1960, Two Brothers Tom and Jim Monaghan was founded Domino’s Pizza. It was an established restaurant as a name with Dominick. Its first Name was not Domino’s. Both of the brothers faced many life challenges to getting their new business off the ground.

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#5. Pali Grewal :

Pali-GrewalHe is the famous and World’s Fastest Pizza Maker. In just 32.8 seconds, he can make three large pizzas. And the time for one pizza he takes 11 seconds. He was also take part in Domino’s competition in June 2014 and winning $3,000 in prize money from U.K.

#6. Stores :

Domino’s pizza is most popular among all the peoples from all over the world due to its more than 10,900 stores in over 70 international markets. It place among the world’s top public restaurant brands with its global organization. Domino’s has also accounted for over 96% of the Domino’s Pizza stores as of the first quarter of 2014.

#7. 30 minutes :

It was the very famous program started in the year 1973 known as Domino’s 30 minute or less scheme. In which if a bringing failed to arrive at the customers within 30 minutes some condition applied and then they would receive it for free. Company decided to drop the scheme due to many lawsuits against the company.

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#8. “Marriage”? Whose? :

After few months of Pizzas business, once a day, Monaghan made his first delivery from a new store to a woman working at the reception desk at Central Michigan University. She looked into those big blue eyes and realized she was in love. They were married in the next following year and Margie Monaghan worked with Domino’s for decennium.

#9. Biggest Pizza :

The biggest Pizza forever is created by five Italian chefs. It is the big sized pizza with delicious taste and is most famous in all over the world. This big sized pizza was 131-feet in diameter, and weighed over 51,000 pounds. There are various ingredients are used in making these pizzas like 10,000 pounds of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese etc.

#10. The Logo :

The logo of domino’s pizza has best designed and is used on the boxes of pizzas worldwide. Its logo have two dice with a number of dots in the middle of each. It is also interesting to know that the first three Domino’s restaurants are represent this logo. The company firstly planned to provide new dot on its logo every year when new pizza chain is opened but fail to do this.