Top 10 Interesting Facts about Dubai


Dubai is the day by day growing city situated in the southern Persian Gulf. Many of peoples from all over the world go there for their business. So you can say that Dubai is the center of business. There are many facts popular about the Dubai. Below listed are the top 10 interesting facts about Dubai.

#1. ATMs in Dubai :

ATMs in Dubai are most famous. It is like the gold machine that expectorate 24-karat gold in various different forms. You can also withdraw gold in the form of gold bars and coins. It is very interesting that customer easily has to operate a touch screen to make his selection of gold.

#2. Fastest growing city :

The Dubai is the city which is growing rapidly day by day in many of forms like in business, in developments, in trades etc. It is also researched that if you think about past 20 years of Dubai you found only one sky rapper in the city but presently there are many sky rappers are situated in the beautiful city.

#3. Postal Service :

You are very confused after knowing that there are no street addresses in Dubai. If you want are send courier to your relative or friend by post that lives in the Dubai you should face the problem of their street addresses.

#4. Less Crime :

Due to law enforcement in the Dubai there is less crime in Dubai than other big cities. Moreover, it also due to the majority of Dubai’s residents is if you are visiting in the Dubai you can comfortably wandering around the city without the fear of criminals. Crime rate is almost zero crosswise the city.

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#5. Dubai Police Vehicle :

Dubai is very wealthy city such that the very luxurious car is providing to the police. The quickest and most expensive cars represent the Dubai police force. These cars are equipped with high speed engines that provide necessary speed to catch the criminal.

#6. Dubai Camel Racing :

It is interesting to know that camel racing is most popular in the Dubai city. If you are visiting to Dubai you cannot miss that such a race of camels. It’s an extremely competitor sport with high class racing camels worth tens of thousands of Qatari dirham.

#7. Dubai Mall :

The Dubai mall consists of 1200 shops and is the largest mall in the Dubai. This mall is most popular in Dubai. It is also portion of the twenty-billion-dollar Downtown complex. It is found that there are over 37 million visitors was vising in the year 2009.

#8. Zero Debt Tolerance :

The salary appraisal for Dubai inhabitants is absolutely zero percent.  This is to uphold the competitive power of Dubai and increase the country’s respect. This is mostly popular rule in all over the world.

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#9. Gold Trade :

It is interesting to know that the Twenty five percent of the world’s annual gold trade is account by the Dubai city. The value of gold trade is increasing or decreasing cheeked annually.

#10. Burj Khalifa :

The tallest sky rappers found in Dubai is known as Burj is manufactured by a man and is 829.8 meters tall. There are around 160 residential floors are manufactured in this tallest building. Most of people come there to enjoy this place.