Top 10 Interesting facts about KFC


It is the famous fast-food restaurant in all over the world. Its full form is Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC was the oldest restaurant for fried chicken. In Corbin, it was established in 1930. It provides very tasty fried chicken to the peoples of all over the world. There are many restaurants of KFC is found in all over the world. KFC has many interesting facts. Below mentioned is Top 10 interesting facts about KFC.

#1. Secret Recipe : Secrets are loved by everyone. If the sample of Kentucky Fried Chicken has taken and found four and only four ingredients in its coating mix like flour, salt, monosodium glutamate, and black pepper. There were no eleven herbs and spices.

#2. A Christmas Tradition : Japanese people place orders for the Christmas chicken dinner, which includes trimmings such as cake and bubbly. KFC was also known as Kentucky for Christmas in japan. The nation is preoccupied with fried chicken year cycle.

#3. KFC logo : KFC was launched by Colonel Harland Sanders. He wants to provide distinctive feature to KFC logo. At later the usage of red color has imparted importantly to the bold and lively appearance of the allegory. The KFC logo stands for the founder of KFC, Colonel Sanders.

#4. Crawly Reputation in China : KFC has established advertise to reconstruct its brand in China undermentioned a scandal over banned drugs being used to fatten chickens in its supply chain. has assure a zero allowance access to food safety abuses.

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#5. Started in a Gas Station : It is said that the founder of KFC, Harland sanders, firstly started the gas station as a career. This station is given by the Shell Oil Company at free of cost or rent, in repay for paying them a percentage of sales. Sanders had it rebuilt as a motel with a 140-seat restaurant.

#6. High cholesterol level : Due to diet problems, nonhereditary diseases are arising in Mauritius. High cholesterol is dangerous for health .due to high level of cholesterol many heart diseases are occurring. KFC fried chicken contain many more calories that increase the level of cholesterol in the body.

#7. Balanced Diet : KFC do not provide fast food according to balanced diet. To make up a balanced diet it is necessary to compile all three food groups in the satisfactory amounts. This high calorie food of KFC leads to many harmful it is advised to eat the KFC products in balanced proportion.

#8. Flavor magnifier : KFC used MSG as a flavor magnifier. The full form of MSG is Monosodium Glutamate. It kills brain cells and Make simpler and less intellectually challenging. It must be very harmful for our health. Its activity is very fast and mix with other ingredients easily that is bad for your health.9

#9. Founder of KFC Colonel Sanders : Colonel sanders was Born in 1890 in Henryville, Indiana (US). At age 16, he was enlisted in the Army for responsibility in Cuba. Sanders traveled all around the country in his motorcar, by wearing the white suit and oblation to cook chicken in the kitchen.

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#10. KFC Slogan : The phrase of KFC slogan was produce in the 1950s by mischance when franchisee David Harman come out in the background of a U.S. TV mercenary licking his digits. Subsequently, a concerned spectator phoned a company manager who said, “Well, its finger licking well.”