Top 10 Interesting Facts About Shakira

interesting facts about shakira

Shakira is also very well known as Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. She is most talented Latin pop singer. Her Lebanese grandmother taught her the art of Arabian belly dancing so she can stay true to her Middle Eastern roots. Her Colombian-born mother is a Spanish-Italian. There are various facts that you can found about Shakira on web.

Below mentioned are the top 10 interesting facts about Shakira :

#1. First poem :

She wrote her first poem at four years old, learned to belly dance after her father took her to a local Middle Eastern restaurant and wrote her first song lyrics by age eight. At 10, she won first place in a talent contest sponsored by a local TV station.

#2. Not good at English :

It is interesting to know that she was not yet fluent enough in English and that much of the poetry of her Spanish-language work had been lost in the translation.

#3. Hit songs :

Shakira has had a string of hit songs including Whenever Wherever, Waka- Waka and She Wolf. Her first baby has been eagerly awaited by fans that have been excitedly speculated the baby name, the due date and other baby news.

#4. Gerard Piqué

Shakira’s partner Gerard Piqué can be forgiven for showing off when it comes to his beautiful family. The Barcelona football star shared an adorable picture of himself on Twitter with the couple’s two sons, Milan and Sasha.

#5. Humanitarian work

Shakira’s humanitarian and advocacy work is focused on universal education and early childhood development, particularly the health, nutrition and stimulation of children who are not yet in school.  

#6. Unique music

She is also most popular celebrity for her unique style of music. She has also achieved international success and fame with her unique music and original dance style.

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#7. Is she writer as well?

Encouraged by her father, Shakira starts writing at a very early age. At age four, she had already written her first poem. Later that year, Shakira and her father were dining at a Middle Eastern restaurant when she enthusiastically joined a group of belly dancers who were performing that night.

#8. First album :

Magia, Shakira’s first Colombian album, was hardly a success. This album was recorded and released in 1991, when the Shakira was only fourteen years old, the album fared well on Colombian radio but only sold 1,200 copies.

#9. About her Personal life :

Shakira tends to keep her personal life under wraps and prefers a quiet life, rather than one where her private matters are in the spotlight. She does share some personal details on her Twitter profile, but most of the information she shared is topical. 

Shakira and her son Sasha              image credit :
#10. Boyfriend’s and Her Son :

Shakira’s boyfriend Antonio de la Rúa, son of then-president of Argentina Fernando de la Rúa, proposed to her, as of 2008 the couple had not married. Antonio de la Rua was engaged to Shakira. Antonio and Shakira started dating in 2000. Shakira is currently in a relationship with famous footballer Gerard Piqué , and they both are blessed with a cute baby boy named Sasha. 🙂 

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