Top 10 Interesting Facts About Sharks


Sharks are the one of the ocean’s greatest creature. Different peoples have different point of view about the sharks. The scuba divers are really known about the sharks because they dive into the deep sea and sometimes look the big sharks in the sea. Some peoples suggested to not to go near the sharks because they are dangerous for human beings. But there are many interesting facts about the sharks. Below mentioned are the Top 10 interesting facts about Sharks.

#1. Over 400 species of sharks :

There are more than 40 species of sharks are found in all over the has found that these species are all of different shapes and sizes. It is also interesting to know that these sharks have different colors. Some sharks are big and some of them are small in size.

#2. Teeth :

Sharks normally come out after about a week because they do not have teeth roots. Usually sharks have about 40 to 50 number of teeth. Shark also consists of seven renewal rows of teeth behind the front row that helps in ready to move into place if a tooth is broken.

#3. Yellow Color :

It is very interesting to know that generally sharks do not see colors as   sharks’ eyes were observe to lack or have minimal color-sensing cells. But it is also found that they instantly see the divers yellow color suit. They are rapidly attracted to yellow color.

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#4. Sleeping style :

It is researched that sharks have different sleeping habit than normal is due to sharks having different breathing system and Sharks need to be always on the move to secure adequate flow of oxygen by their gills.

#5. Lateral line system :

It is the most powerful system found in the sharks that helps the sharks in the ocean. This lateral line system help detects water movements. This system is made up of a web of fluid- occupy canals underneath the shark’s skin. These movements must be of any kind.

#6. Sharks attack :

Sharks are sometimes become bad animal for human is because on every year shark killed approx. hundred peoples. But it is also found that human beings are crueler than sharks because human beings kill more than nine million sharks every year for their personal purposes like skin etc.

#7. Senses :

We all know that every human being has five senses that help them for eating looking, smelling etc. But on the other hand sharks have six senses like sight, smell, gustatory perception, touch, auditory sense and electro-reception.

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#8. Largest White Shark :

There are various big sized sharks are present in the deep ocean. In Cojimar, Cuba the largest shark was found with large weight. Its length is approx. six meters and weight is found to be around 3,312 kg. This was the spices belong to white shark

#9. Diet for Sharks :

The diet for sharks is different for different species depend upon the size. It has found that the average shark eat 11 ton food every year. Various shark species are meat eaters. These sharks normally eat small sharks of fishes.

#10. Longer lifespans :

As we know that there are various species of sharks are present in the ocean. some of them are big and some are small and very is found that  the life span of sharks are depend upon the size of their shark. If the size of shark is more than eighteen feet that can live around thirty years and conversely it is true for small sharks.