Top 10 Interesting Facts about Taco bell


Taco Bell is a genuine Mexican food and is most delicious from the peoples from all over the world. It was founded by Glen William Bell in year 1923 in Lynwood, California. Through 1967, Glen William Bell had opened their 100th store. There are many interesting things found about the Taco bell. Below listed are the Top 10 interesting facts about Taco bell.

#1. New jobs :

The creation of 15,000 new jobs is a textbook illustration of the difficulty in making macro- illation from micro-phenomena. There are many opportunities are given by the taco bell company to the youngsters of all over the world.

#2. Taco Bell dog :

This dog is also well known as “The Taco Bell Chihuahua. The Chihuahua is an animal group commonly connected with Mexico. The archetype dog cast for the head role was named Dinky, but was exchange at the last minute by the director with the Chihuahua that was originally cast as the “girlfriend” named Gidget.

#3. “Sister’s fridge” :

Glen Bell did not know what to do after returning from World War II veterans. Most of peoples come back to their destination hopeless from the world war. Glen bell also is one of them so that he has lack of money. After sometime, He makes up mind to turn his love of hotdogs into a full-throttle career and opened his first location in 1948. He sold his sisters fridge to open its shop. Glen bell’s sister was not happy with his decision.

#4. Free Sombreros :

In 1951, Glen bell was outselling the burgers. A friend converts him to be a little narcissistic and call his restaurants Taco Bell in 1962. After that, Glen bell employ a mariachi band to execute outside the restaurant and swarm around town in an old bread truck, handing out free sombreros like candy.

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#5. First National Chain :

Taco bell is the most popular first national chain in all over the world. It offers many varieties of Doritos among the peoples from all over the country. It has also become the first national fast food chain to drop its kid’s meals.

#6. Demolition Man :

Demolition Man was the early 90s film in which Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes are in the lead roles. The futurist violet and pinkish Taco Bell logo in the film also Elysian the chain’s one and change in its total existence. Taco Bell was substitute by Pizza Hut in the European version of the film.

#7. Doritos :

It is found that there are more than 130 different varieties of Doritos in all over the world.  The CEO of Taco Bell, Greg Creed, show the prospect of making a Doritos Locos Taco of a variety that is not sold in the U.S. these Doritos are also very famous in all over the world.

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#8. 295 million Pounds Beef :

Peoples have been wondering about the ingredients used in the taco bell’s fast-food chain’s beef. They dish out an average of 295 million pounds of ground beef every year. From this, it is found that average 517,543 cows beef is served per year in Taco Bell.

#9. Logo :

The Taco Bell logo is the world’s most popular and rapidly recognizable restaurant logos. It was designed in 1985 after the company experimented with two typographic logos in the commencement.

#10. Taco Bell Commercial :

Taco bell commercially patrons a promotion at home games for both the metropolis Trail Blazers and the Cleveland Cavaliers in which everyone in attending obtain a coupon for a free Chalupa if the home team scores 100 points or more. The ad of taco bell is shown many times in a day.