Top 10 Interesting Facts about Tattoos


Image via : butterflyTattoo word deduce from the Polynesian word “ta” means to strike, which depict the sound of a tattooing spike being knocked on skin. Presently most of the youngsters are making tattoos of different kinds on their body. Mostly peoples strike the tattoos on their tattoos on elbows,   knees, and feet. There are many facts about the tattoos. Below mentioned are the Top 10 interesting facts about tattoos.

#1. Modern Ink :

Modern ink is necessary for the vivid tattooing. It may comprise pigments from ground plastics, such as Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) that design majorly graphic tattooing with clearer, longer-lasting lines that are repellent to the fading and blurring of conventional inks.

#2. Tattoo Machine :

Tattooing machine was the useful discovery by the Samuel. Now days many of the peoples are used this machine to tattooing themselves. It is researched that the first tattooing machine was patented by Samuel F. O’Reilley in 1891. It was really an alteration of an invention designed for auto graphic printing.

#3. Butterfly Tattoo :

This tattoo is introduced by the toy maker in 1999.she collocate with a butterfly tattoo on her stomach, along with temporary tattoos for the doll’s proprietors. Due to various complaints of these tattoos from youngster’s parents, it was finally set forth from the market.

#4. Pregnant Women :

Various anesthetists have verbalized concern that giving epidural anesthesia to pregnant women with tattoos may expose them to the potential complication of ink fragments entering the spinal cord hence it is the main drawback for women wishing to get a tattoo on their lower back also the iron oxide in tattoo ink sometimes reacts during MRIs and may cause burns.

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#5. Gang Tattoos :

These tattoos are mostly visible on the prisoners or some gang persons. In American jailhouse, tattooing is strictly proscribed, but it has been a common practice for years .Various people get tattoos based totally on drunken notion, others are deadly serious about it. This is particularly genuine of gang members, contain those behind bars.

#6. Women vs Men Tattoos :

It is researched that there are about fifty nine percent of women have tattoos compared to 41 percent of men. It is also found that 40 percent of women made their tattoo experience with friends and loved ones. Ostensibly women use the “bring-a-buddy” access to tattoo parlors as like they do with public bathrooms.

#7. Tattooed Men :

Most of the men are craziest about the tattoo on their body. It is found that the second majority tattooed person has tattoos on 99.9% of his skin. This tattoo is in the form of leopard skin patterns. The 100% tattooed person is Paul McLaren born in 1971 and is the world’s most tattooed person.

#8. Eyeball Tattoo :

This is the tattoo design on the eyeball to change eyes look. The first Eyeball Tattoo is made by Twenty-seven-year-old David Boltjes to his mate. He was the first prisoner to be courageous enough to make his prison mate stab him in the eye with an original, untried, tattoo method. The tattoos modify the white part of the eye to be blue or even red and actually change the look of the eye.

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#9. Oldest :

The oldest physical body with the oldest tattoos has been preserved on the body of The Iceman. He has a black traverse tattooed over the inside of his left knee joint, six straight lines on his lower back, and parallel lines on his foot, wrists and leg.

#10. Americans and Tattoo :

It is researched that the Americans are craziest about the tattoos. The adults of American usually spend many of dollars on making the new kind of tattoos on their body. It is also found that over 1.65 billion dollars has spent annually by the Americans on the tattoos.