Top 10 Inverter Brands in India


Inverter is very useful device that helps store the electrical energy and release this energy when needed or power cut. In India power-backup inverter is mostly used due to regular power cut during summer season. There are various brands of inverters are available in the India. Below are Top 10 inverter brands in India.

  • Luminous

Luminous inverter is definitely a better choice compared to other 850 VA pure sine wave inverters without digital display. It has two modes in this inverter and UPS modes when its inverter mode is on then it supply power after once cut power for 1 sec after the power is mostly used in India.

  • Su-Kam

It is found that Su-Kam is a leading manufacturer of intelligent power backup and solar products. These brand products are engineered to be energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

  • Delta

This brands inverter is highly efficient, reliable and uses the latest high frequency is most popular in all over the India. The Delta Solivia 3.0kW inverter is a robust solar PV inverter suitable for the Australian residential solar applications.

  • Uniline

Uniline is the mostly used inverter brand in all over the is good to know that Power infrastructure is one such key area in which there is enormous scope of innovation to meet the challenges of increasing demand supply gap. Uniline is creating occasion by innovating newer boulevard of power management.

  • Genus

This inverter brand is Very user friendly and it can be used with any kind of is very popular in all over the is mostly used for long lasting performance. This is the only inverter which gives o/p 220 to 230 volt max.

  • Birla Power

This Device is compact and trustworthy in all over the provides Eco Green Power and you can use this with any brand of battery. Its popularity is increasing day by day to its performance.

  • APC

It is better to only choose an Inverter that generates a “Pure Sine Wave” output. This inverter provides very efficient performance. It has a push button reset switch in case of overloading at the back rather than a glass fuse in the other Inverters that needs to be replaced if it blows.

  • Microtek

This inverter is Based on  Intelligent Control has Smart Overload Sense and Short Circuit Protection this inverter is very famous in the is also the most selling inverter in all over the India.

  • Consul

It is a fast growing manufacturer of state of the art power electronic products. This merger will create India’s only full range power electronics company providing  products and solutions in power conditioning, power backup , energy conservers and custom power electronic solutions.

  • Arise

Arise is a promising name in the world of electronic appliances and batteries. This is one is the most sold product of the is very interesting to know that Arise has brought a revolutionary change in the market of power inverters.