Top 10 Low Cost Business Ideas In India


Earning money has become a big issue in India nowadays, as the population grows day-by-day, needs of people also increases and they need more money to fulfill those needs. Doing business is India is a big issue, so, today, we will talk about top 10 best low cost business ideas in India. We will talk about evergreen business ideas.

#1. Greeting Cards :

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We all know that India is a country of festivals, and greeting cards are always needed to express their happiness on every festival. Such business does not need much investment, but yes, you must need some fresh ideas and creativity to attract people.

#2. Fast Food Restaurants : People in India loves eating different types of food, and opening a fast food restaurant is a much better idea with low investment. You don’t need big investment to startup if you already own a place for canteen. You just need a good chef and small investment to open fast food restaurant.

#3 Customized Jewelry : India is a country of festivals, and people do need to dress-up for it, and they need good and attractive jewelry for such occasions. So, customized jewelry business in the country is sure to grow. However, creativity and passion of working is must in such businesses.

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#4. Rental Service : Due to high population in the country, people travel from one place to another for doing jobs. If you have an extra room or apartment, then renting them out can help you earn good amount of money every month. There is no investment required, but you can get big profits in such business.

#5. Thrift Shops : Nowadays, people in the country love to buy secondhand things which are in good condition and bearable price. Selling house hold things like bags, furniture, cars, etc can be effective.

#6. Home Decorations : You will always get the credit if you are doing something creative and different from the rest of the people around you. People love decorating their home and if you are good enough to help them to do so, it can really pay off and pay well.

#7. Digital Photography : 3img source

Everyone owns a digital camera and so, you can also use it as a business purpose. Nowadays, people love to have pre-wedding videos and pictures, if you love photography then it could be a great business option for you.

#8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : This is the most interesting and easiest way of earning money with very less investment, however, you will have to spend your time Computer and your social circle may get affected with this. Online business is growing very fast and SEO is one of the best options.

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#9. Blogging : Blogging is quite similar to SEO, but own better thing is that you do not need to invest anything here. Blogging is a passion and interest of working on Computer. With this, you can share your interest and views with people around the world and can earn good amount of money as well. If you have unique ideas and views then you will surely get success and money both here.

#10. Painting : If you have passion of painting and talent then this is one of the best business options for you in India. With better painting, you will get appreciation as well as good amount of money as well.