Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits in the World


Fruit is the ripened reproductive body of a seed plant. Most of peoples in all over the world eat fruits according to their choice. Fruits are the rich source of vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals are essential for our also helps in fight against various harmful diseases. There are various fruits are available in all over the world according to their prices. Some of them are most expensive. Below listed are top 10 most expensive fruits in the world.

#1. Yubari Melon

It is the most expensive fruit in all over the world. It is wonder to know that a pair of “Yubari” cantaloupe melons sold for a record $23,500. It one of the most expensive cantaloupes ever sold in the country.

#2. Densuke Watermelon

The seed-filled Densuke watermelon from Loblaw’s weighs about the same as a regular watermelon. It is very tasty fruit and is most famous in the world. It is sweeter than a $6.99 Ontario watermelon.

#3. Ruby Roman Grapes

ruby-romanimage source

These are very delicious grapes than normal grapes. Most of peoples form all over the world uses this fruit. It is red in color and about the size of a table tennis ball. It is also found that each grape must be over 20g and over 18% sugar.

#4. Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes

Taiyo no Tamago Mangoesimage source

This is very expensive Japanese fruit and is very famous in all over the world. This pair of mangoes grown in southern Japan sold for a whopping 300,000 yen. Each fruit must weigh at least 350 gram and have a high sugar content.

#5. Pineapples From The Lost Gardens of Heligan

It is interesting to know that some of the most expensive fruits in the world are the £10,000 pineapples grown at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. These are also found that the plants take about eighteen months to bear this fruit.

#6. Square Watermelon

The square watermelons are grownup in Japan in tempered glass boxes and checked several times a day. This fruit is very expensive in all over the world. They were intentional to be easier to stack and store than the round shape nature intended.

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#7. Sembikiya Queen Strawberries

This fruit looks like a luxurious jewelry store and the prices of the items. It is a Japanese fruit and is very expensive. These strawberries are very delirious in taste. It’s customary to give high-quality fruits for formal occasions like weddings, business meetings or hospital visits.

#8. Dekopon Citrus

It is found that this fruit is supposed to be seedless and hard to find one that does have is very famous and expensive fruit in all over the worlds. The Dekopon is beginning to appear in California stores.

#9. Sekai Ichi Apples

It is found that the Color of fruit varies form pale pink to darker red with red stripes. They are alleged to have big, mild, sweet tasting apples, popular in Japan. This fruit is known as one of the most expensive fruits in the world.

#10. Buddha Shaped Pears

This fruit was invented by Chinese who spent few years to perfect the idea which regard growing each fruit for a small amount of time inside individual moulds. This very expensive fruit found in all over the world.