Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers in USA


Lawyer is a professional person authorized to practice law. USA is very popular country in all over the world with best lawyers. These lawyers solve the case immediately by their confidence and knowledge. Different lawyers have different capability to solve the problem with different fees. There are various lawyers in USA that are very expansive. Below mentioned are top 10 most expensive lawyers in USA.

#1. Richard Scruggs

Richard Scruggs                                                                   image source

He is an American former and prominent trial lawyer. He is one of the expensive lawyer in Mississippi in is also very rich person in all over the USA. Most of peoples have given their case to Richard due to their popularity.

#2. Joe Jamail Jr.

He is the most popular lawyer in all over the USA. He is a scotch-loving lawyer with a wit quick for his 89 years. He is also the wealthiest practicing attorney in the nation. He built his Texas pattern on personal trauma cases but is best known for corresponding Pennzoil against Texaco in the oil giants’ high-profile legal battle in 1987.

#3. Willie Gary

He earned his laurels as “The Giant Killer” by taking down some of America’s most well-known corporate giants on behalf of his clients. He has been featured in Ebony magazine as one of the “100 Most Influential Black Americans.”

#4. Erin Brockovich

She was instrumental in building a case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company of California in 1993.she is the most expensive lawyer in all over the USA. She also has good reputation in the USA.

#5. Roy Black

It is found that he is one of the nation’s premier trial lawyers and is also very expensive. He also grips select civil lawsuits, providing his clients a complete service in high-stakes cases.  

#6. Robert Shapiro

He was born on September 2, 1942 and is an American civil litigator. He is most popular in all over the USA. He is also very expensive. He graduated from LA’s Hamilton HS in 1961 and University of California, Los Angeles in 1965.

#7. John Branca

He is an entertainment lawyer who narrows down in representing rock and roll acts. He is very popular in all over the USA. Most of richest and famous persons want to give their case to him.

#8. Thomas Mesereau

He is best known for discharge the late Michael Jackson in his world famous trial in Santa Barbara, California. He is very famous lawyer in all over the USA. His achievements in the courtroom are extraordinary and unprecedented.

#9. Vernon Jordan

Jordan maturates in Georgia and studied political science at DePauw University. He is very successful lawyer in all the US. He fights many of cases .he is also very expensive lawyer in the US.

#10. Ana Quincoces

Apart from being a successful businesswoman and lawyer, Ana Quincoces is best known as a chef in all over the USA. She is most expensive lawyer in all over the US. Her first cookbook is titled Cuban Chicks Can Cook.